My opinion on the effectiveness of Traditional Chinese Medicine [sp]

Living in Singapore all my life, I know that there are some that believe in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and some don’t. I’ve personally trusted TCM for about 18 years now, so I’ll share some things that I’ve learn through it. 🙂

To me, I always believed that Chinese and Western medicine work hand in hand when it comes to treating an illness. Western medicine treats the signs and symptoms of the sickness, whereas Chinese medicine treats the root of the problem.

Say for example if I had a cough, I’ll need both Western and Chinese medication as Western medication stops the cough almost immediately, and the Chinese medicine ensures that the cough doesn’t come back as it clears the root of the cough.

There are also times where we may also feel unwell for some reason, and we don’t know what’s the cause of the problem. It may be something as simple as feeling super lethargic, having weird and random headaches, feeling irritable & frustrated. That’s when TCM can help you with your problem as they are able to find the root of your problem through a simple pulse measurement.

For me personally, I see a TCM when I’m feeling lethargic and stressed out, usually either from my swimming training, or being too stressed when University exams are approaching. I find that TCM helps with calming my nerves down and helping me sleep well! As a swimmer, recovery is crucial and TCM has helped me with my sleep and therefore recovering well after every training session.

Here’s a run down of how a treatment in TCM works, all credit goes to PULSE TCM for treating me and ensuring that I’m able to train my heart out during my vigorous swimming sessions! 🙂

1) Pulse measurement  

I’m unsure about the variation of pulses, but all I know is that your left and right pulse shows the different symptoms that your body has, and the doctor is able to see where the problem lies just by taking your pulse.

After taking this Pulse, Dr Joyce Chee (doctor above) asked if I was having really vivid dreams, which was true as I had a dream the previous night that I was swimming, and I actually woke up doing a full swimming stroke haha! But that only happens when I’m stressed. And from genetics, there’s also a correlation between stress and having tummy aches for me, so having butterflies in my stomach is quite common for me.

Amazing part was that all these symptoms could be felt through my pulse, so there wasn’t much I needed to say to the doctor.

2) Acupuncture 

Next step was acupuncture, which I’m not a huge fan of due to the pain. And to have needles in my tummy was a pretty unpleasant feeling. But if it can help with strengthening my tummy and making me swim faster, I’m in for this idea!

What made it worse was having electric currents pulsating through my tummy during the acupuncture treatment. But not to worry, it wasn’t that painful, it was quite comfortable to be honest!

However, it’s the inserting needles part that hurts, so if you can pain through that part, the rest will be fine.

3) Verdict 

Overall, I did feel an immediate relief in my tummy after the acupuncture, but it wasn’t 100% well at that time as my tummy aches were still present, but I slept pretty well that night without any vivid dreams. It’s good to note that after a few days, the tummy aches were gone so I could train well again. 🙂

So to reiterate my point, I personally am a strong believer of Traditional Chinese Medicine as it has helped me out through my swimming career. I also believe that Chinese and Western medicine should go hand in hand when curing a sickness as Western medicine is for immediate cure, and Chinese medicine is to cure the root of the problem to prevent it from coming back again.

If you’re keen on visiting PULSE TCM as well, feel free to click on the link on the left to book your own appointment! Do note that the doctors there are all bilingual so don’t worry if you can’t speak fluent Chinese, you can communicate with the doctors in English as well. Hope I managed to convince you on the effectiveness of Traditional Chinese Medicine! And hope it helps you cure your underlying sicknesses as well. 🙂

If you guys have any questions about TCM treatments, you can always check their Ask Physician platform!

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