Here’s how you can get the most out of every workout [SP]

I always believe that in order to achieve the sporting goal you’ve set yourself out for, working hard is definitely important. However, if we can learn to train hard and smart at the same time, it will definitely make your work outs more efficient.

I’ve recently started using the Jabra Elite Sport earphones, and I’ll break down on how it has benefited me, and if you think it will be suitable for you too, feel free to use my discount code (which I will leave at the bottom) to make your own purchase of the Jabra Elite Sport. 🙂

I’ll be going through these 2 key areas to the Jabra Elite Sport so feel free to skip to the areas which you are interested in:

  1. Product details
  2. How it has benefited me

1) Product Details

This is how the Jabra Elite Sport looks like after unboxing. It comes with a charging case which gives 2 x full charges, which is really a huge plus point for me because I travel a lot!!! And of course, a USB charging cable. So if you travel a lot as well, this may be suitable for you.

1 charge gives 3 hours of play time, which is equivalent to 1 full work out. So total play time for these earphones will be 9 hours.

It also comes with 3 sets of Ear wings (the things that secure the earphones in your ears), 3 sets of ear gels, and 3 sets of foam tips. So you can really fully customize it until it fits perfectly to your ears. For me I personally like the ear gels instead of the foam tips, and I do not use the ear wings as I already feel that the ear gels itself already secures it quite tightly into my ears. But if you want that extra tightness, the ear wings are there for you. 🙂

Just to give you a clearer idea on how handy these earphones are… To be honest, these earphones are really really small, and the charging case is small too. So you don’t need to worry about it taking up a lot of space.

The Jabra Elite Sport offers the Jabra Sport Life app which allows you to customize your workouts according to your fitness level and goals to ensure that you are always on track. Here’s the breakdown of the app, you have to first enter your details.

Next, you will have to calibrate the app by… Running or jumping constantly for 15 seconds, which I suggest you do that part at home before working out!!

Next, here’s a summary of your workout.

And how you can set your own workout targets before working out.

Here’s the most important part – setting your training plan to ensure that you’re sticking to it. We may get tired and fatigued after a day of work out. So by setting plans, it adds accountability to yourself to make sure that you stick to the plan you’ve set yourself out for. This part does not apply so much for me as I’m currently training under a few professional coaches which help me with my monthly training plans. But if you are training by yourself, then this will GREATLY benefit you.

Here’s some motivation to let you know that you’re training on par towards your goals. 🙂

And of course, like what I’ve mentioned, training hard and smart at the same time allows us to be more efficient in our work outs. Recovery is as important as training, so this app allows you to track your recovery rates to ensure that you’re not over training! So it’s safe to say that we will not need to worry about burn outs with the help of the Jabra Sport Life.

2) How it has benefited me

The Jabra Elite Sport has benefited me mostly on the convenience of carrying it around with ease, and the freedom from strings. I personally HATE untangling strings every time I want to listen to music using my earphones. I don’t know why, but don’t you feel that earphones must magically tangle themselves when you put them in the case, even though you made sure you folded them nicely before putting them in? Happens a lot to me. Therefore, these pair of earphones has saved me a lot of untangling time and allows me to listen to music almost immediately after I take them out.

Also, like I’ve mentioned above, I travel a lot, so having a carrying case which allows me to charge my earphones twice really saves me the trouble of looking for a USB port somewhere around the airport to charge my earphones.

Lastly, these pair of earphones are WATERPROOF. YES THEY ARE!!! This really is the icing to the cake for me as being a swimmer, my ears are constantly wet for obvious reasons. So I used to worry a lot about spoiling my earphones so I’d not wear them after warming up during my swimming competition. But with this pair of earphones being waterproof, I’m excited to wear them the next competition I compete in. NO MORE FEAR OF SPOILING MY EARPHONES YAY!!!

So in summary, here are plus points of the Jabra Elite Sport earphones:

  1. 9 hours of total playing time
  2. In ear heart rate monitor and analyzer
  3. Customizable fit to your ears
  4. Jabra Sports Life app allows you to keep track on your goals
  5. Waterproof
  6. Chargeable case

So if you’re keen on getting the Jabra Elite Sport, head over to the link here and use the code SWIMPSJELITE5 upon checkout to receive a 5% off the product.

All the best in achieving your goals!! Hope that the Jabra Elite Sport can help you in your goals, just like how it has helped me. 🙂




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