The importance of having a good haircut [sp]

Good haircuts are important – it gives you confidence, and it also says a lot about your lifestyle. I remember a friend telling me that your hair can change the way you look, and I fully agree with that!

Finding the right hairstylist has always been a problem, and I’m sure many of you had experiences where you felt super nervous right before a haircut because you’re worried that the hairstylist is unable to cut the hair that you very much desire.

All those months of growing your hair out is wasted due to one poor haircut. All your friends will go like “DUDE WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR HAIR?” And all you can do is just wait a few months for that sad hairstyle to go away.

Don’t worry, I know that EXACT feeling because I’ve been there before. I’ve had many bad haircuts in my life as well, and here’s one of them:

Yeap… half of my head was almost bald.

The stylist was like, “Yea ok! I know this haircut!” And after the haircut I swore to myself that I’ll never step into that salon ever again. It gets really really sad when the stylist messes up your hair because hair takes so long to grow and the stylist just messed it up in a day!

So today, I’d like to share with you how you can get that desired hairstyle that you want to by introducing you to my stylist. (P.S. There will be 3 free haircut giveaways worth $60 each at the bottom of this post so read on!) Don’t worry, you won’t be nervous when you get a haircut from my stylist. 🙂


H4U Salon is a newly opened salon at Centrepoint Shopping Mall. It’s located at level 4 just right beside the car park. So if you’re driving, take the uphill ramp from the car park and the first level you see will be the H4U salon level. (I hope this makes sense!)


So here’s the look of the completed haircut, to give you a breakdown of what I wanted my new haircut to be like, I told Shawn, my new hairstylist, that I wanted something short, neat, and presentable. Being an athlete meant endless gym and dryland circuit sessions, and my old hairstyle just couldn’t work out as my hair kept poking my eyes when I was doing my gym and dryland sessions. To give you a clearer idea, this was my old hairstyle:


My friends all say that old hairstyle made me look like a walking curry puff… but it’s ok…….

_dsc2014 _dsc2017 _dsc2029 _dsc2042

The technique that Shawn uses to cut hair – from the photo above, you can see that the scissors are REALLY close to his hands (WTF!!!). I got super scared that he might actually cut his own fingers, but he told me that he’s done this for 20 years, and he’s already had many scars before this so rest assured that he was pass the stage of ever cutting himself.


I personally feel that a great stylist never uses the thinning scissors when cutting hair. It just makes your hair really messy after as there’s no control when it comes to cutting with thinning scissors. Never once did Shawn used this scissors to thin my hair which made me enjoy my haircut a lot because I usually cringe when hairstylist use the thinning scissors on me…

So this was how easy it was to style my new hairstyle:

_dsc2077 _dsc2078

A slight little twist and pinch (which is less than 2 minutes) and I’m good to go!


And of course, all smiles to my fresh new haircut!!

So… to summarize the before and after of my haircut, this was before I had my haircut (featuring curry puff):


And after:


No regrets ditching the man bun!!!

And as promised, if you guys liked this haircut, Shawn has agreed to do 3 free haircut giveaways to you all! (girls included as well) Happiness is always best shared and I’m glad to be able to share this with you all. For more details, head over to this Instagram photo:

It’s a pretty simple contest, so good luck to everyone! 🙂

Oh and if you’re wondering, here’s the exact location for H4U Salon:
176 Orchard Road #04-16
Singapore 238843
To book an appointment, call: 67388849
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