Constant reminders go a long way – in my case it’s a towel [Sp]


Constant reminders go a long way into motivating yourself towards your goals. Many of you have been following my blog to know that I’ve always live by my “Hard Work Pays Off” motto, because I always believe that as long as we work hard towards our goals, it will only be a matter of time before we achieve them!


Uchino is a brand that always consider customer satisfaction for towels and bathroom items, taking care of how we can spend better quality time in the showers. Hence, Uchino dedicates to create the world’s finest towels and towel wear with quality materials and standard.

They also place great emphasis on manufacturing towels which are pleasant to the point that it is safe even when it comes in contact with a baby’s mouth, how cool is that?

I was really excited and happy when Uchino had me in mind and sent me one of their towels, the kishu-binchotan fiber series. What I liked best was that they even embroidered my name and favorite motto on it which made fall in love with the towel instantly. 🙂


I’ve been using this towel everyday ever since I received it and it has definitely served as a constant reminder for me to push through the toughest times of my training. Training sessions can get really hectic at times, and when the going gets tough, we may sometimes lose track of what we’re aiming for, so any form of constant motivation is always good when we get really tired.


Now for my experience – The thing I like most about kishu-binchotan fiber towel is that it’s very absorbent, and trust me, it feels SUPER DUPER SOFT on my skin. Something unique about this towel is that it is woven in double face of gauze and pile unlike the normal pile towels we tend to use. With the charcoal powder kneaded into the towel, it further enhances the towels with the ability to absorb moisture and repel odor. In all honesty, I never knew that towels would make a difference after baths, so this towel has given me a whole new post bath experience.

It’s hard to explain how it feels, but I’ll try my best – It feels like you’re having thin pieces of super absorbent tissue papers which soaks the moisture off your skin when you’re drying yourself, so it doesn’t take much effort to try and wipe off all the water after bathing.

And of course, the added motto also makes it a far more enjoyable bath experience for me especially after a long day of hard training 😉

So all in all, this towel has made my post bath experience far more convenient and enjoyable with its super absorbent effects and added embroidery service.


If you’re interested in getting Uchino towels, feel free to head down to departmental stores such as Takashimaya, Isetan, Tangs, and many more stores. They’ve got a wide range of face, body, hand, and many more towels for you to choose from, so do check them out! Not only that, you can follow them on Facebook & Instagram to get constant updates on their promotions!

I hope my post has given you a clearer idea on how constant reminders can go a long way, so start finding your own source of motivation today. 🙂

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