Legitimate reasons on why you can’t study sometimes

Ever had those days where you just find it super hard to focus on studying even though your exams are on the way? Here are some possible reasons why you may find it hard to focus during crunch time:


1. Too full to study


You just ate too much for lunch therefore you feel too lethargic to study. Research has shown that Seratonin (a sleep hormone) releases after a huge meal, therefore causing us to feel drowsy. So if you find yourself being tired after lunch, you probably ate too much!


2. It is too early


Your brain is not fully active when it’s so early in the morning because you’re not fully awake yet, therefore you may find it really hard to focus on studying when it is too early.


3. The procrastinator



4. The weather is too hot


Some days the weather gets so hot to the point whereby you’ll even be sweating when you’re in an air condition room. These are the days which are hard to focus and you probably feel less efficient when studying due to the heat.


5. The weather is too cold


On the other hand, some days the weather gets really cold to the point that you just feel the strong urge to tuck yourself under your blanket and never ever get out from there. It’s definitely a sign for you to catch up on that much needed rest!


6. End up snacking more than studying


Who else has the habit of snacking and studying at the same time? According to Harvard’s Mental Health Letter, have stated that stress increases the intake of foods which are high in sugar, fat, or both (which explains why we like to snack, especially when exams are coming and we are mugging like mad). & on top of that, when you have too much good food at home… You’ll just end up snacking more than studying.

P.S. another freshly baked homemade Oreo chocolate chip cookies by my mum, who wants some?

7. Distractions


Don’t you feel that everything else around you gets more interesting or disturbing when you start studying? It’s like noises become more prominent from everywhere, and your mind will start being preoccupied with irrelevant thoughts that don’t matter after you stop studying?

Don’t worry, I feel you bro.


8. Not having passion for the subject


When you don’t love a certain subject, you’ll just find it seriously hard to understand the concepts and theories of that particular subject. You’ll end up being inefficient in your study time as you are basically memorizing the information just to pass the test, and not because you want to gain new knowledge.

But not to worry, you get to choose the course you like when you enter university! 🙂


9. The assignment weightage is not high enough


5% of total grade for a 1500-2000 word essay is simply not worth it.


10. Not in the mood to study

download (3).jpg

Ever had some days whereby you just feel like even when you try your best, you just cannot absorb anything? You sit down and attempt to study, one hour has gone by, and you only completed 5% of what you need to study.

Don’t worry, I experience the same thing too. It’s not like we didn’t attempt to study. We did try our best, but nothing seems to be going in.


11. Because your room is too comfortable


When your room is simply just too comfortable and all you wanna do is to laze in bed every time you’re home… say bye bye to studying.


12. Knowing that you will still fail even after studying

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If you know this will happen, all motivation to study is already lost.


So these are some legitimate reasons on why we can’t study sometimes. Feel free to share some more reasons via the comment section below on why you can’t study sometimes as well! Hope you enjoyed this post! 🙂


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