Live everyday like it is your last day on earth


At 23 years old of age, I still hug my parents to sleep every night. I remember back in my secondary school days when I hugged my parents every week before boarding into the Singapore Sports School, I would have often been told by some of my friends to stop being a ‘mama’s boy’ as though hugging my parents goodbye was a thing that only little kids would do. However, that didn’t stop me from hugging them goodbye, or good night every single night, and let me explain why this means a lot to me.

Life is short, and unpredictable, and I’ve had many friends who lost their loved ones unexpectedly and never got a chance to say goodbye. Learning from their painful experiences, I’ve learnt to live life with my loved ones as though it is our last day together, so that if anything ever happens to either of us, I’ll have no regrets because deep down, I know that I’ve done everything that I’ve possible could for our happiness.

There’s a Chinese saying that goes “不怕一万,就怕万一” and to translate this in simple English, it means “Rather safe than sorry.” In my context, there will always be a possibility that your loved ones will be taken away from you one day, or you may be gone from this world without a reason.

Some of you may think I’m overthinking or being paranoid, but won’t you rather live life holding your close ones as tight as you can, than to live life in regret if they’re ever gone all of a sudden? Never leave anything up to chance, and always try to settle arguments by the end of the day, because you never know what the next day will bring.

The key message I’m trying to bring across here is not to LITERALLY live everyday like it is your last; but is to not to fear death, or fear that your loved ones will be taken away from you, rather, learn to have a purpose in your life. Know that each and every one of you are unique in your very own way and you mean a lot to the people that love you, and know what purpose you have in this life.

As you start to learn to live everyday like it is your last day, you’ll find yourself more motivated to get up and start doing the things you love, and not laze around waiting for something to happen. Life is short, so don’t waste time snoozing, because if you snooze, you lose.


For me, having a mentality like that has made me appreciate the opportunity I’ve been given to train everyday – it has given me the extra motivation to get up and train every morning, because there is a purpose in my life. Knowing that life is short, I’m seizing every opportunity that I can and make the most out of it. I’m not saying to train every session like it is the last session you’re going to have, but it’s the mentality to appreciate what you have, and make full use out of it because opportunities like these don’t come easy.

Always remember, nobody can predict the future, or how things are going to pan out in our lives, but if we learn to appreciate the close relationships that we have and always live everyday with our loved ones like it is their last day on earth, we’ll have no regrets (if they’re ever gone one day) as deep down we know that we’ve loved them unconditionally and never once under-appreciated them. With that mentality, you’ll also find a stronger sense of purpose in your life and feel a lot more motivation to do what you truly love, and not leaving anything up to fate or chance.

Always remember, you’re all unique individuals in your own way, so learn to channel your energy into doing the things that you truly love, and let your loved ones know how much they mean to you! Once you’ve done that, you’ll feel a stronger sense of purpose in your live and you’ll live life with no regrets 🙂

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“One day you’ll leave this world behind, so live a life you will remember” – The nights, Avicii

I hope that this post motivates you to chase your dreams and appreciate those that love you. Life is short, so lets get up and start working towards our goals 🙂


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