4 easy steps to instantly lead a better life

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I’ve honestly learnt a lot of life lessons from coach Sonya over the past 3 weeks during training camp so I’ll share on how you can instantly lead a better life starting from today on wards!

The trick is pretty simple: You just have to change your outlook in life, and here’s how… 

1) Respect peoples’ differences 

Every individual is unique in their own way. Some are more outspoken, but some are introvert. Instead of trying to change their approach in life, learn to respect their differences! Every individual has their strengths and weaknesses, so learn to embrace their strengths and not be so critical on their weaknesses.

Nobody is perfect, and everyone has their flaws. So don’t judge them for their flaws, and respect them for their strengths as an individual.

Trust me, if you’re able to do that, you’ll be much happier that way.


2) Keep your enemies close, but friends closer 

I know people usually tell you to keep your enemies closer, but I disagree with that statement.

The term ‘enemy’ here means people that are constantly negative towards your intentions, even when you meant well for them.

Let me illustrate this in a story: 

There were once 3 individuals, Tom, Jerry, and Harry. 
Tom was constantly being really nice to Jerry and Harry because he regarded them as his closest friends.
Jerry was really appreciative of Tom’s efforts to make this friendship workout. But on the other hand, Harry’s always had his doubts. He lived in a world of negativity, and didn’t believe Jerry’s sincerity. He thought to himself that there’s no way that someone could be that nice, if Tom is a nice person, he definitely has something to hide, so Harry better be wary of Tom’s hidden intentions. 

So what have we learnt from this story? It goes to show that however genuine we may be to people, negative people will always remain negative, so it’s best if we stop trying to change them. Instead, we can choose to surround ourselves with positive people and let the negative ones stay negative themselves.

I’ve grew up trying to make everyone happy, but you know what? Sometimes it’s just not worth the effort. Because the negative ones will always take your niceness for granted or think that you have ulterior motive to being nice to them.

So trust me, surround yourself with positive people and shut out the negative ones, you’ll realize how much happier you will be. 🙂


3) People will only judge you based on their own perception, not what others say of you

Are you constantly worried about people saying things behind your back which may spoil your reputation? If you are, I’m here to assure you that you have nothing to worry about.

Firstly, just imagine someone saying something bad to you about your best friend, what will your impression of that person be? Will you change your impression of your best friend? I don’t think so. Instead, the gossiping individual will only reflect badly on him/herself. Because in all honesty, why do you need to talk bad about someone when you’re already ahead of them?

So stop worrying about people backstabbing you, because if you know that deep down that you have done nothing wrong, you don’t have to worry about these fake gossips and lies because at the end of the day, the truth will unfold itself. 🙂


4) Stay true to your values


Don’t change yourself in hope to please others, because you deserve to be happy!

You’ll definitely find people who love and appreciate you for who you are along the way so don’t worry! You can be the biggest idiot in town but trust me it will still be ok. You can ask Russell (The 3rd guy from the right) because he knows what I’m talking about.

Nah, I’m just kidding. In all seriousness, Once you find your group of positive friends, KEEP THEM CLOSE & NEVER EVER LET THEM GO.

Learn to stay true to your values, and do whatever makes you happy, and as long as you can do that, you’ll realize how much less tiring life gets.  


To end it off… 

I hope you’ve learnt the art on how you can instantly lead a better life! Remember, it’s all in your mind, so start leading a better life today! 🙂


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