Christmas Promotion: Spread love this season with Chiropractic Care [SP]


I’ve received quite a number of questions from people on whether my previous Chiropractic promotion code still works. It still does, but however, the promotion has changed and this is the updated promotion from the Chiropractic first group!

It is the season of giving and Chiropractic First has a promotion for you guys! It’s a basically a free initial consultation, whereby the Chiropractor will check your spine for any problems (e.g. out of alignment, slanted spine, hunched back) and adjust you accordingly. On top of that, you will also receive a 30% off your X Ray scans so it’s a really good deal!

So instead of 50% off Initial consultation and X-ray, you actually get a FREE initial consultation and 30% off your X-ray, which in my opinion is a better deal 🙂

In order to claim this offer, remember to quote “PSJ” when you’re making an appointment for consultation and you’ll be able to receive this offers! If you’re unsure about what Chiropractic care is and where to make an appointment,  you can refer to my previous blog post here (on how to book an appointment) and here (on what Chiropractic care is).

XMAS EDM 2-01-01

The Chiropractic first group also wants to reward all its existing patients and with sure-win prizes and special promotion deals. Existing patients can also share these special promotions to their friends and family. So start spreading the love along with Chiropractic First this Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! 🙂

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