Ordering food in restaurants will never be the same again [sp]


With the advancement in technology, ordering food will never be the same again… I was dining in Kimchi Korean Restaurant last week with a few of my close friends (to catch up a little during this holiday period) and the restaurant used an iPad ordering system, whereby all our food was ordered through an iPad. The reason for it was to promote convenience and efficiency, so here is my experience on it!


To give you an idea on how the iPad ordering system works, you will first see the home screen on the iPad and you’ll click Begin Order. On the right hand panel you will see a panel of choices like Side Dishes, Appetizers, Main courses, Set Meals, etc…

Apart from that, it also features a Special Request function, whereby you can type in whatever request you want. (E.g. Medium rare beef, more vegetables…) and that to me is actually the most important thing to have in an e-menu because I always have special request to my food! 

You can also check your orders and bill anytime during your meal which is good for you to keep track of how much you’ve spent.

P.S. Sorry I didn’t take photos of the menu because I was really hungry the other day so I got too caught up ordering all the food 


So enough of the details, here’s what I feel about the new system:

1. It’s faster


Our ordering process has seriously sped up a lot. In all honesty, I’m usually a pretty indecisive person so even when I’m ordering through a waiter, I’ll pause and wait a little before making my final choice on which dish I would like to order, and my friends do the same too.

With the new iPad ordering system, I wouldn’t worry about taking my time to think of what I want to eat before ordering!

2. It’s accurate


I really love the Special Request function as I usually request for special items in my menu. Like for a burger, I like more onions and pickles (don’t judge me) so this special request function really ensures that I’m getting what I want when I order through the iPad ordering system. 

The best part is that your order will be printed out in a piece of paper and passed to you so you can really ensure that no mistakes will be made because everything is written in black and white.

3. Less taxing on waiters


With technology, everyone can now place their orders through their iPads, which will in turn be less taxing on waiters, providing recommendations to customers and answering customer queries.

I personally feel that the iPad ordering system has saved the waiter and I a lot of time during the ordering process and everything was convenient and accurate and I definitely had a great experience dining in Kimchi Korean Restaurant!

Just to give you an idea on how the night went, we ordered a mixture of soup based and BBQ dishes to suit each of our taste buds:

_DSC8120 _DSC8170 _DSC8180 _DSC8158 _DSC8174 _DSC8188_DSC8200

Overall the food and company was great and all of us had a great experience dining here! The ambiance was really nice but the only downside to Korean BBQ is that you’ll smell like Korean BBQ after dinner as the flavors will definitely burst out when you’re barbecuing the food! Not complaining though, it was definitely worth it!


Also, the hospitality was great and the staffs were really accommodating towards us as even though we were the last to leave (we were too caught up in talking that we didn’t realize that they were already closing) they still allowed us to stay inside and enjoy ourselves.

I’ll definitely be back to this restaurant again 🙂


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