My 100Plus Run for Good Experience [sp]

As I’ve mentioned last week, the first thing I did after my final exam paper was to participate in the treadmill challenge for the 100PLUS Run for Good event! 


I was initially a little reluctant on taking part in the 100PLUS Run for Good treadmill challenge at first as being a swimmer, running wasn’t exactly my forte. Actually, I can’t run. But knowing that the challenge only required me to run for 30 minutes, and also do good at the same time, I took it as a great way for me to let out all the stress I accumulated from the week of my exams to do some good! 

It was really a heartwarming feeling knowing that I could do good for charity just by running as fast as I can for 30 minutes, and that really motivated me to run my heart out! 🙂

Everyone who turned up for this event, kudos to you for taking time out for charity! Just to let everyone know, the purpose for this event was to raise funds for SportCares. SportCares works to improve the lives of under privileged children, youths at risk, and needy seniors, and people with physical and intellectual disabilities.

In addition, the 100PLUS Run for Good event was to encourage Singaporeans like to lead an active lifestyle, and to turn your inertia into euphoria. I definitely pushed myself that day to run as fast as I could, partly because I needed to let some steam off after exams; but the main reason was because the more I ran, it meant more money would be donated to charity. I felt really good due to the high amounts of endorphins released after the run, so I can honestly say that having a run after a long and stressful week is the best feeling ever!

How the run works is that everyone will be allowed to run their heart out for 30 minutes, and for every km you run, $10 will be donated to SportCares! How awesome is that?


Well that was the information that I got initially, but more than halfway through my run, when I clocked about 3.1km, one of the staff told me to “Keep up the good work” because I’ve already donated $150 to charity.

Wait what…?

That was when I realized that since I went on the media preview of the event, every km that I ran meant $50 donated to charity, and that really fired up to run even faster. He even told me that the top runner was 5.99km at that point of time, so by speeding up on my running meant killing 2 birds with one stone!

It was good that this event happened right after my exams, because it was definitely a good way to let out all of that stress after a rough week.


I was so caught up in the euphoria of achieving my goal that with only 10 mins left on the treadmill, I sped up to beat the 5.99km record and raise $300 for charity. As you observe the expression of my face during the later part of my race – this was when I saw the treadmill distance of 6.0km, which means I finally hit my goal of $300 donated to charity.


We were also really lucky to have 100PLUS as our main sponsor of the event. The fridges beside the treadmills were filled with both carbonated and non-carbonated 100PLUS drinks for us so we didn’t have to worry about getting cramps or dehydrated during our 30 minute run. There were also many staffs on standby to offer us 100PLUS when needed.

In case some of you are unsure, isotonic drinks contain electrolytes to ensure that we are well hydrated when we are exercising or out and about.


I suffered quite a bit from a huge blister on my left foot after the run, which made it difficult for me to walk for a few days. But overall, I’m glad that I have outdone myself and play my part into contributing to charity. 🙂


A takeaway message you all can learn from my experience is that no matter how tired you may be, you must always lead an active lifestyle. Because you never know what your body is capable of until you try it out! Take me as an example, swimmers are well known for not being able to run well, plus I’ve already had a tiring week leading up to this. However I still managed to outdo myself despite all this and ran a good 6km! My point here is that you will never know what your body is capable of until you push it to its limit, so start leading an active lifestyle today. Trust me, it’s easier than it seems!

100PLUS encourages us to lead an active lifestyle outdo ourselves, and I’m glad I did. 🙂

With that said, I hope that many of you felt the euphoria when running on the treadmill when you went down to Kallang Wave Mall last week and outdid yourself for charity too!


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