Indulge in the perfect post workout meal under $10

If you’ve been following my blog, I mentioned before that a good post workout meal would be to have a combination of Carbohydrates and Proteins, as that would speed up your recovery going into the following session the next day.

However, being an athlete in Singapore, I honestly find it quite hard to find food which has both good nutritional value and yet being value for money at the same time. Go to any hawker center nowadays and even a small piece of steak and fries cost about $10, which adds up to quite a lot of money spent a week just to get good food in. Steak and fries is also not the best option as fries are NOT your desired choice of Carbohydrates due to all the oil from deep frying. 

So the main purpose of my blog post today is to share with you my secret on how I am still able to get my desired post workout meal with those good Carbohydrates and Proteins for below $10! 🙂


Just to give you an idea, here’s how my dinner looks like every single day, apart from the change in beef sauces and Carbohydrate source.

Things you’ll need:

1) A seasoned 200g Steak


Steak serves as a good source of Protein and Iron which is essential for muscle recovery and the formation of Hemoglobin, which are essential for oxygen transport.

You should always get your raw steaks in bulk from any butchery nearby as that would save a lot of cost on beef. I personally like Sirloin Steaks the best so my parents would go to a nearby butchery and get about 2kg per visit. 2kg cost about $50 so each 200gram steak I have for dinner cost about $5.

For beef seasoning wise, I usually have simple salt and pepper seasonings with rosemary.

Total cost of steak: $5

2) Potatoes or Pasta


Potatoes and pasta serves as a good source of Carbohydrates which is our primary source of fuel in our body. Protein and Carbohydrates go hand in hand into speeding up muscle recovery and battling fatigue.

I have a mix of either Spaghetti or a choice of Mash, Baked, or Seasoned Mini Potatoes (the one shown in the picture) as all these foods are definitely a better source of Carbohydrates than French Fries.

Cost of Potatoes: $1 

3) A good mix of greens


Lastly, to complete your meal, salads serve as a great source of fiber and healthy fats which our body needs as well.

As what many nutritionist would say, to ensure that you are having good greens, the more colors you have on your greens, the better. My salad has a mix of Avocados, Corns, Tomatoes, Lettuce, and Onions, so that adds up to… Light green, yellow, red, dark green, and white, seems colorful enough for me. 🙂 

Total cost of Salad: $2 
Total cost of meal: 
Beef ($5) + Potatoes ($1) + Salads ($2) + Seasonings/salad sauces ($0.50) = $8.50 

Additional information:

1) Use a non stick frying pan


This will ensure that you can cook your beef to your desired rare/wellness without worrying about it sticking on your pan.


I personally like my beef medium rare as I find that it holds more flavor when it’s cooked that way. Plus I think it has more iron content in it when the beef is at medium rare!

2) Change your beef sauces and seasonings

I don’t always have my beef with salt, pepper and rosemary. My mum creates different sauces (which she claims that it’s her secret recipe), so I do have a mix of various beef sauces during the week.

3) Use different salad sauces


It’s also good to mix up your salad sauces so that you won’t get bored of eating the same salad everyday. My 2 personal favorites are Caesar sauce and Honey Mustard. There’s also other sauces like BBQ and Thai Sauce which goes great with salad too!


And there you got it, a well balanced meal for less than $10! Hope you guys are able to save on food cost after reading this blog post and keep working hard towards your goals! 🙂

Also, kudos to my mum for always preparing dinner for me! 😛


Without further ado, it’s time to dig in! 😉


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