Good things must share: For NETS Flashpay users, here’s how you can save money effortlessly every month (sp)

I had my UOB bank card for 5 years and I always thought that it was just a normal bank card for cashless payments. However, I recently found out that it could also be used for transport; MRT, LRT, buses and trains paying for taxi fares. So it’s like an all in one card. How awesome is that? I personally like to keep my wallet as neat as possible, so having a card which serves multiple purposes in my wallet will definitely save me a lot of time when I’m looking for the correct card to use. I don’t really need my MRT card now that my Bank Card with NETS FlashPay can be used for commute.

NETs Flashpay 5-2

If you’re wondering, you may already own a bank card with NETS FlashPay on it. Take out your regular credit/debit bank card and turn to the back! If you see the NETS FlashPay logo like the one above. You got one valuable card on hand!

If you don’t have one, just head down to your local bank and request them to issue you a bank card WITH NETS FlashPay.

NETs Flashpay 1-2

With that said, here are some things you should know about the bank card with NETS Flashpay (Don’t worry, I just found out about it as well):

About the Promotion:

Now, for the part that would interest all of you! Bank cards with NETS FlashPay will be having a promotion when you travel with their card on MRTs, LRTs, buses and taxis!

How it works:

For every $10 you top up on your bank card with NETS FlashPay, you will be able to enjoy a 10% rebate! However, it is only up to $30 a month so please don’t go top up $500 at a shot and come looking for me if you don’t get a $50 rebate haha!

NETs Flashpay 2

(topping up at AVM+ machine)

You can even top up at:

nets flashpay

local bank ATM (DBS/POSB, OCBC & UOB) OR NETS self-service top-up machine

I’m pretty sure that this promotion will not only benefit my family, but it will benefit your family as well! Being in a family of 5, I can effortlessly save up to $15 a month just on travelling when I’m using my bank cards with NETS FlashPay.

3 simple steps to to enjoy the promotion benefits: 

NETs Flashpay 3-2

Step 1 : Check that your bank card has a NETS FlashPay logo at the back. Then top up your card.

NETS FlashPay works just like our regular MRT cards, so top-ups can be easily done via 3 ways:

  • Local bank ATMs (DBS/POSB, OCBC & UOB)
  • NETS self-service top-up machines
  • Add Value Machine Plus(AVM+)

Step 2 : Use your bank card with NETS FlashPay just like a MRT card

Step 3 : Redeem your rebates at any Add Value Machine Plus (AVM+) located at MRT stations, bus interchanges or selected bus stops.

Benefits of having a bank card with NETS FlashPay:

NETs Flashpay 4-2

  1. Paying for items will be much easier without the hassle of having loads of coins at the end of the day
  2. You can save up money every month without even trying
  3. Topping up the card is really easy
  4. Your MRT card is as good as your cashcard now

I’m actually pretty amazed by how 1 bank card with NETS FlashPay is enough to cover so many benefits.

_DSC7469 - Copy

Here’s a rare instance of me going for grocery shopping; notice which section that I’m at. 😉 But to be fair I was accompanying my mum when she was shopping for groceries so at least I earned those chocolates!

With that said, I hope this will help you guys with saving some money each month! 🙂


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