Short stay-cation before the start of a new season

I definitely had a lot of time to rest down both physically and mentally these 3 weeks before the next phase of training starts. To be honest, I realized how much free time I had in my hands during the post season break. School felt much easier and less stressful as I could use the time I usually train to study for a bit. I am usually too brain dead after a hectic training session but things feel a lot easier now when I was on break. However all the free time will be gone again once training starts. Good news is that we’ll start off having 1 session a day for the first week of training!

Just to give you an update on what I did post season, I spent most of my time trying to acclimatize with school again after having a break for half a year. And of course, for those that have been following my blog, you should know by now that I love spending time with friends when I’m free; so the rest of my free time was spent hanging out them! Just to update you a little on what’s been going on during my break through photos:

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We hung out at the Marina Bay Sands infinity pool last week and it was gorgeous. Here’s a birds eye view of Singapore from the infinity pool! Although I’m afraid of heights, the beauty of the view kinda outweighed my fear of heights.

I think the highlight of the day was definitely using the drone to capture our moments in the infinity pool. Russell and Joel shared a drone and they brought it to the pool for some fun. Take a look at a snippet from the full video! Piloting credits to Russell.

This video definitely made it a more memorable one for us as we were literally able to see ourselves from a bird’s eye view, how awesome is that? I remember we were initially afraid of flying the drone as we thought that it would disturb people, but when the drone flew everyone from the restaurant started whipping their phones out of their pockets to video tape the drone.

I remember Joel shouted “EVERYONE WAVE!!!” And the everyone in the pool started waving to the drone, it was a pretty awesome feeling.


The beautiful sunset before we went back to our rooms.

If you are wondering what a drone is, Russell and Joel gave me the opportunity to try out flying the drone, look at this… It’s super cool!

_DSC5962 _DSC5965

Joel took over the drone and flew over MBS, and look at this amazing view (credits to Joel’s instagram):

Drone part II: My beautiful Sgp #droneoftheday @droneoftheday

A video posted by Joel Tan (@joeeetan) on


To sum it up, this stay-cation was definitely a good catch-up session with some of my closest friends and I definitely appreciate moments like these. 🙂 I’m glad we were all able to clear our busy schedules to catch up with one another.

Overall, this break really allowed me to relax both my mind and body before a new season of training starts.

On a side note, my birthday’s coming up in 2 days so I am really looking forward to celebrating it! Lucky for me, the training load is gradually increasing so at least training’s slightly easier this week to allow us to get back into shape before the hectic sessions come.

I’ll keep you guys updated on how my birthday celebration goes so stay tuned! 🙂


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