The season has finally come to an end. Looking forward to create greater moments

The hectic season has finally come to and end and I’m glad to say that we all have had a wonderful season this year and I hope to be able to achieve greater heights for next year! Everything seems to be going smooth for me and I’m sure that as long as I keep my spirits up, I’ll be able to swim well.

Sorry for not blogging for about 3 weeks now; I was away for a training camp in Croatia followed by the FINA World Swimming Championships in Kazan during this period of time and I didn’t bring my laptop along so blogging was practically impossible.


Competing in the FINA World Swimming Championships was a great experience for me, the stadiums were really packed during the swimming finals (which is about 10,000) people watching the swimming competition. The crowd went crazy every time a Russian swimmers name was called and it was really nice just to be able to absorb the atmosphere in first hand.

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… Well this was me trying to have a little fun during break time.

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Compared to Croatia, the weather here was really inconsistent – you’ll see us in Parkas for a minute, and wearing shirts and shorts for the next because the fluctuation in temperature is just too drastic.

My goal for the FINA World Swimming Championships was really to get as much experience as possible racing with the best in the world and I’m glad I was able to learn a few lessons. Sergio told us that we already had a great season so he just wanted us to do our best in World Champs.


joseph schooling world champs

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I think the most memorable thing that happened in this Worlds was Joseph Schooling winning a medal! The feeling of experiencing his win first hand was just amazing. History was made in 51 seconds and I’m just glad to be able to experience it first hand. It definitely inspired me to aim high and work towards my goals. Like what Sergio said, anything is achievable as long as we believe in ourselves. Even if people may think that our goals are crazy, nothing can stop us as long as we put our mind to it, and Joseph has proved it by making history for Singapore.

Just to summarize my trip, here are some of the photos which we took in the course of 3 weeks (photo credits to Uncle Peter for most photos):

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Overall, the World Championships was a really good learning experience for me and it would definitely help me in my preparation to qualify for the Rio Olympics next year! As long as I give the best I can in my preparation, I’ll have no regrets whether I make it or not. To qualify for the Olympics was always my lifetime dream ever since I was a kid, and since my season has been going really smooth so far, I hope that I will be able to keep up the good form and continue to improve even more during the upcoming Olympic trials. It will be hard, but no matter what I’m going to give it my all towards achieving my life time goal. I’m much tougher mentally now, and I’m sure that will help me during the most fatigue days of my preparation.


But with all that said, it’s time to relax for now as Sergio has given us a break until September 1st, in which I shall take this opportunity to relax my mind and body before commencing on the next phase of mental and physical grinding again.

It has been a really tiring season for me with 6 months full of competitions, but nonetheless it has also been the best season that I’ve ever had in my lifetime so I hope that it will continue to be an upward slope for the next phase of my preparation.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone (From parents, coaches, sport science staff, the support team, fans) for your support over the course of my season. Everything wouldn’t have been possible without your support! I shall not name names as the list would be endless but I’m sure you know who you are. 🙂

I’ll be updating my progress with regards to my preparation so wish me luck! 🙂


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