The key to a good race starts from the mind

“We create the perfect moment for ourselves” – Coach Sergio Lopez Miro

It’s been half a year since I joined the National team and I’ve honestly mature a lot as a swimmer and person under the care of Coach Sergio and Gary.

sergio lopez pang sheng jun

I could still remember a conversation I had with him earlier this year and there are some things that he said which we all can learn from.

“Pang, no matter how hard things may be, you have to start believing in yourself; because that’s when you will start seeing great performances.”

“I can always set a goal time for you in swimming, but if you don’t believe that you can achieve it, then you won’t.” 

“You may even say ‘HEY! This coach is crazy, he wants me to go an insane time!’ and it may even put pressure on you.” 

“Instead, what I want you to do – tell me any goal time which you wish to do, and I mean any! And we’ll work together towards achieving it. But most importantly, you have to first believe that you can do it. Trust me, you will seriously be amazed by what your mind can do.”

Often a times we mentally limit our abilities when a big race comes; well, at least for me, and I honestly think that that is something that we all can change. We have to learn to shut out all self doubt and start believing in ourselves. Because if we truly believe in ourselves, nothing will stop us from achieving our goals. 


Being stagnant for 4 years in my swimming career, I’ve realized that the reason for my stagnant performance was mostly mental – I tend to doubt my capabilities every time a big race came. It was only until I moved to NTC where Coach Sergio and Gary knew the root of my bad performances and started working more on my mental strength every single training session; that was when I finally got out of the slump which I was in.

So always remember that your greatest enemy, ironically, is yourself. Therefore, we have to learn to believe in ourselves more. Know deep down that as long as we’ve worked hard, and we feel stronger than the day we were before, great performances will follow up naturally.

We can’t expect to be feeling good in every competition, but always remember that no matter how hard our circumstances may be, we will still have to create that perfect moment for ourselves.

So to end off this blog post here’s a great takeaway message for everyone of you:


The key to great performances starts from the mind, so start believing!


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