15 more days to the SEA Games; Singapore Swimming team is ready


With just 15 days left to the SEA Games, I can confidently say that the Singapore swimming team has bonded really well together in the 3 staging camps that we had.

To be honest, it’s the first time whereby a team is so closely bonded together leading up to the SEA Games, and knowing that the team will always be behind us no matter what happens, we’ll definitely have the extra edge when race day comes.

It’s always been Coach Sergio and Gary’s goal to bond the team together as one. Why is this so? That is because a team effort will always be greater than individual effort, and working in a team allows us to put individual differences aside and focus on what is best for the team. Each and every individual has their own part to play into creating a successful team. Here’s an example:

We did the bucket challenge during one of our staging camps. This game was taught to us by our Psychologist Josh.

The main aim of the bucket challenge was for everyone to remove their shoes one by one in a circle without the bucket of water toppling over. The challenge is complete once everyone has got their shoes off. The hardest thing about this game was to ensure that the bucket of water didn’t topple over and that required teamwork. To ensure that we were well coordinated, we had the help of a leader which was giving us instructions from top view.

The rationale behind this game is really simple, the leader, who is giving us instructions, is like our coach. He is able to see things from top view and give us the proper guidance and instructions before our races, so all we have to do is to trust them as things are always seen clearer from the top. On the other hand, the rest of us who are in a circle are supposed to work together to ensure that we complete the challenge without dropping the bucket, and this wouldn’t be possible without teamwork.

As you can see from the team bonding activity that we were engaging in, if one person were to let their leg off the bucket, it would topple off for sure. This clearly illustrates the importance of teamwork – whereby everyone has a part to play into creating a great team, and at no point in time a person is slacking off as that would jeopardize the whole challenge.

As the saying goes, there is no ‘I’ in ‘Team’ and through these activities we were able to learn the importance of teamwork.

But swimming is an individual sport, how do we help the other swimmers do well in their respective events? 

It’s really simple, when others are racing their hearts out, we will always be behind cheering them on during their races. Our competitors wouldn’t be swimming against an individual, rather, they will be swimming against Team Singapore for every race.

This is the one of many cheers that the Singapore Swimming team has done, it is titled ‘we will win the war’. Hope you guys like it! stay tuned for more cheers during the SEA Games. 🙂

Lastly, your support would mean a lot to us so do catch us live on television or at the pool from June 6-11! You guys can also play a part into strengthening our team. Your cheers will definitely be heard and I’m sure that it will motivate us during our toughest days. Lets all play our part into creating a strong Team Singapore!


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