How Chiropractic care has improved my swimming performance [spon]


As you have read from my previous Chiropractic blog post (here and here), Chiropractic care has definitely benefited me in my swimming performance, and I’d never miss a chiropractic appointment before a competition as it does give me the extra edge during my races.

Today I’m going to give a little more in depth introduction to my Chiropractor, Dr Bryan Hymes, as he has really changed my life for the better, in and out of the pool.

back adjustment

Fun fact: His cousin is actually from the same college my sister graduated from, how cool is that?



Fun fact aside, he has really cured my chronic back pain since young and also helped me with tightening up any loose joints I have from the wear and tear from my swimming training.

I’ve been to 2 chiropractors before (Dr Bryan is one of the 2) and the difference between them is that Dr Bryan is really specific when it comes to adjustments. Being a Freestylist, my shoulder joints feel out of place and loose after about 2 weeks of training, but I never worried about it too much as it was always adjusted back with ease.

Shoulder Adjustment

I really love the shoulder adjustments the most as I’m able to feel a better freestyle high elbow catch after the adjustment, and that is why it is a must for me to go for an adjustment before every major competition.


It not only makes me feel better on land, it makes me feel better in the pool too!

I always had the impression that Chiropractors could only align your spine, but these versatile adjustments made me change my impression.

So if you have any loose joints (not muscles) anywhere which is giving you discomfort, or you want to have the extra edge in the pool, do try out Chiropractic care and I hope it will help you like how it helped me! 🙂


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