Forget about your bad races because everyday is a new day [ad]

I’ve always enjoyed watching inspirational videos during my free time, especially when a competition is around the corner. I know SNAG is over but I’d like to share a video which I hope will inspire you to train harder for the next coming competition:

I liked this video a lot as the key message of it is to forget about your bad races, because everyday is a new day, and a new chance for you to prove yourself. I know not everyone did well in this SNAG, but forget about that last bad race, and let’s start training hard for the next competition! I personally had my bad races too and this video has definitely motivated me to race harder when I’m in Spain.


Never forget about those countless early mornings, the immense physical strain, constantly staring at the blue line at the bottom of the pool, sacrificing so much in hope of realizing that one goal, because believing in yourself is that one final step to seizing the moment.

Ultimately, victory is yours as long as you believe it. Don’t be afraid to dream and never let self doubt rule you out. Yesterday is gone, and today is up for grabs. No one owns today, so take it and let it be yours. Prove to yourself how great you are, never give up!

Adidas sponsors swimmers like Olympic Champions Ian Thorpe (Australia) and Ciecar Cielo Fielo (Brazil), which are inspirational athletes which I look up to. Ian Thorpe was an inspiration to me during my younger days of swimming and and his involvement and contribution to the sport has motivated me to do better. 

This post has been sponsored by adidas, but all thoughts(and/or) experiences are my own. / but concerns my own opinion. 

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