An explanation to how Chiropractic care works [ad]

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If you can recall from my first post about Chiropractic care, whereby I talked about how Chiropractic treatment has enabled me to continue my career in swimming, I mentioned that I’ll keep you guys updated if there were any special offers coming up! Guess what? There is one!

So basically I discussed with Chiropractic First and they were willing to give a promotion to my readers, the benefits are:
1) 50% off consultation fee (U.P. $100) 
2) $100 off X-Rays 

Here is the list of clinics that are located in Singapore:

chiropractic first outlets

All you have to do is to call in ANY of the clinics and use the promotion code “PSJ” and you’ll be able to enjoy these benefits! How awesome is that. 🙂

If you’re wondering what a consultation is like for Chiropractic, I’ll briefly explain it to you:

1) You’ll need to fill up a patient health form, which will provide background information about what kind of pain you’re feeling, medical history, or any current injuries, etc…


2) Next, a throughout Chiropractic examination will be done, which includes checking for your range of motion, muscle tone, muscle strength and examining for problems in your spine.

x ray

3) You’ll then need to get an X-Ray done so that the doctor will be able to give you a specific diagnosis for your current condition. Once the diagnosis is establish, they will then see if Chiropractic care will help you in your condition.

4) They will then recommend a certain amount of chiropractic treatments to relieve the pain and cure your injury.

Anyway, I’m sure many of you are interested in how each of my Chiropractic treatment looks like:

So these were the ‘cracks’ I was talking about in my first post. It feels really good and the best part is that there is no pain at all. It just feels like you just had a really good crack on your bones 🙂

So all you have to do is to call into ANY of these locations and you’ll be able to enjoy these benefits! 🙂

*Unfortunately these benefits are only for new Chiropractic First costumers, and they do not apply to existing customers. 

chiropractic first

For more information about the Chiropractic First group, feel free to check out their website at or like their Facebook page at

Chiropractic treatments have helped me in my swimming career so hope this can get you guys to try out Chiropractic care too! 🙂


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