I just cut a Zayn Malik inspired hairstyle, what do you guys think?

So if you can recall a few weeks back I told you guys that my hair has been growing REALLY REALLY long and there was a reason behind it. Truth is, as a brand ambassador of GetKlarity, I managed to get a haircut with Hair 510 – A new salon by Taiwanese celebrity Hair Maestro Wu Yi Lin, which explains why it’s called Hair 510 (pun intended).

hair 510 haircut

So in order for them to give me the desired haircut that I wanted, I had to first leave my hair untouched for as long as possible so that there would be less restrictive and long enough for them to cut my hair. Just to give you an idea on how long my hair was before I cut it:

zayn malik hairstyle 4

Yes I know it kinda looks like a helmet, people have been asking me why I’ve been wearing a helmet around and we all laughed about it, but it was all for good fun and I had at least have a decent amount of hair length before going for a cut. It took me about months to save up to this hair length and trust me it was insanely hard, especially when Singapore’s so hot and you have to survive with a helmet on your head.

As a Singaporean, I find it really hard to achieve the hairstyles that westerners have as our hair type is naturally finer compared to theirs, so often a times we usually don’t get the desired haircut we want. I personally have went to many haircuts only to end up with an undesirable hairstyles which left me frustrated.

So here was a photo I showed the the director of Hair 510 (Tracy) before cutting my hair:


It’s a Zayn Malik inspired haircut. But no I don’t listen to One Direction at all. I just saw his hair online and I liked it a lot so I decided to give this cut a try.

I’ve always tried to cut this hair but it always ended up too thin however thick my hairstylist tried to cut it. I couldn’t even achieve this hairstyle with 0 thinning of my hair, that was how fine my hair was. That is the problem with Asian hair types, it’s naturally really fine so it’s hard to achieve a thick and voluminous hair like the photo above even without thinning.

It was quite surprising that Tracy said that it was still possible to cut this hairstyle despite my hair being on the thin side – All I needed was a perm, and they were happy to do it for me. I was really excited about it as it is my first ever time perming my hair.

However, do note that perming was needed for my hair type, your hair type may be different so you may or may not need the perm. My suggestion is for you to show them a photo of the desired hairstyle you want and leave it to them to cut it for you.

For me, I had really hard and dry hair due to the chlorine build up from the long hours in the pool, and my current hair cut had layering leftover from my previous haircut. Thus, instead of the normal perm which people usually go for, I went for the steam perm because it will help to soften hair and provide the natural waves that I needed.

If you’re interested how a steam perm works, here they are:

a) Customized pre-treatment for hair to give strength and repair hair ends

b) Winding of hair 
zayn malik hairstyle 3

c) Start the steam perm. Hair 510 uses the Korean made Healer Micro Mist Healer Machine. 
The machine supplies micro mist at a controlled temperate that allows micro-mist to penetrate into hair efficiently which in turn allows the best moisturizing effect. 
It has helped to soften, supply moisture and disperse heat into my damaged hair which in turn reduce damages and strengthen curls.

In short, it creates an excellent softening by maintaining moisture balancing of my hair to ensure that my waves and curls would last longer. 

Also, The steam perm didn’t feel too hot and there wasn’t any strong chemical smells so the steam perm felt really comfortable.

zayn malik hairstyle

I finished off with haircut and styling after the perm. They decided to do the perm first so that my hair looks more natural after cutting. If I had cut it first the hair may have been too short to be permed.

haircut 1 haircut2 haircut3

As you can see, the perms look really wavy now, that’s because the curls haven’t relaxed yet. It was a little too wavy for my liking, but it got better after a week.

Here are some of the home care that Hair 510 provided me to maintain the curls on my hair:

zayn malik hairstyle 8
zayn malik hairstyle 6

The bottle that I’m supposed to use for the first week after perm is the white bottle – Rizzi Shampoo ($30). It helps maintain nutrition and moisture needed to maintain the shape of my curls.  It also prevented my hair from being frizzy after perming and it REALLY WORKED.

Why do I say so?

It was because during the first week after my perm I actually didn’t believe much in these shampoos, I always thought they were just ways for companies to earn extra money so I didn’t actually use the shampoo they provided. I just continued using my normal shampoo instead. Another reason for not using the shampoo was that I also wanted my curls to die down a little.

However a few days later my hair started to become really dry and frizzy, and they literally felt like they were going to fall off (not kidding, it was that bad) so that convinced me to try out the shampoo they gave me. Straight after coming out from a bath with that shampoo, I blew dry my hair and my hair looked much fuller and moisturized, honestly I even I was surprised by the difference the shampoo made. I’m not making things up here, I’d rather be honest with my reviews rather than giving a fake one. So yeah the shampoo really helped me with the frizziness and my hair felt much fuller and healthier with stronger waves after using it.

For the second week onwards I’m supposed to use their house brand – Vitamin recharge shampoo ($30) and conditioner ($34). It helps to maintain my curls and provide it with the vitamins that it needs. It’s been working well for me so I’m not complaining.

Like I said, the curls started to relax after a week, but my hair looked a little too long for my liking so I went back for another trim and they were happy to do it for me. 🙂

So… Now for the best part of the post, here’s the end result of my haircut:

Processed with Moldiv

Say goodbye to my 3 month old helmet head! Hahahaha.

Here are some more photos of my new haircut from different angles:

zayn malik inspired haircut 4 zayn malik inspired haircut 3 zayn malik inspired haircut 1 zayn malik inspired haircut 2

My friends have been giving me good feedback about my hair too and they said it suits me so all is good. Most importantly, I really like my hair now and it has finally achieved the desired look that I wanted! There’s finally volume there and my hair looks really full and thick as compared to my previous haircuts.

In summary, if you’re looking for this kind of hairstyle as well, you would most probably need: 

1) Long hair to start out with 
2) Steam perm ($335) 
3) Men’s haircut by director ($55) 

However, do note that all hair types are different so you may not need as many steps as I did. 🙂

<Check out the full price list here>

zayn malik hairstyle 7

Special thanks to hair Director Tracy for this haircut! It was definitely worth the 3 months of keeping my hair as it turned out awesome. 🙂

So what do you guys think of my new hairstyle? Did you all like it? Was it worth the 3 months wait? Do leave your comments! 🙂

Also, if you are interested:

HAIR 510 is located at:
#1-20, Tripleone Somerset
111 Somerset Road

Opening hours:
Mon-Fri: 10:30am – 8:30pm
Saturday: 10:30am – 7:30pm
Sunday/PH: 10:30am – 5:30pm

You can now book via GetKlarity here! 

Hair 510 is running a GetKlarity-exclusive promotion to get your tresses shaped up in time for Chinese New Year! Don’t forget to check it out.


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5 Replies to “I just cut a Zayn Malik inspired hairstyle, what do you guys think?”

  1. Nice try, but your hair is too wavy and stiff to pull off Zayn’s hairstyle. Zayn has a straight hair so its easier to do this style. It would look messy with a wavy hair.

    1. Well you have to take into consideration that Asian hair types are much finer compared to Westerners. So I wouldn’t have been able to achieve the desired volume without the waves. But thanks for the feedback though.

  2. Asian hair are typically thicker than caucasian hair. Per strand. The hairstyle that you are going for requires an amount of blowing and styling to achieve , not impossible without perming. Though it is fairly easier to style it when its permed.
    Aside from the corrections, the hair does looks good on you. Tracy did a great job.

  3. Thicker per strand doesn’t amount to quantity. It’s prob also due to the way they cut (blunt cutting) , and someone profession styling the hair before every photoshoot.

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