IVP ended with a blast

IVP ended last week and it was a really tiring week for everyone of us. I was personally really exhausted after IVP as we had a tiring week training under Sergio leading up to it. Also, we had morning training right before the meet started so it was a really tiring week.

I had a grueling 10 event schedule in this IVP which is not what I usually do – In a normal competition I usually take part in just 4 events in a spread of 6 days, whereas for IVP I took part in 10 events in 2 days, which really took a lot out of me.

I ended off the competition with 6 Golds, 2 Silvers and 1 Bronze medal:


Here are some photos from the competition:

pang sheng junpang sheng jun freestyle10929237_10153043258028308_7190392157848944327_n10922597_10205073354287588_1094039364206187024_n10407714_10153052995982363_7288870850243066242_n10408068_10153047406138308_5531771476288584584_n10933886_10153043268318308_1367703647212588090_nIVP Men's 200m breastrokeIVP Men's 100m ButterflyIVP Men's 200m FreestyleIVP Men's 200m IMIVP Men's 400m FreestyleNTU swim team

As you can see, there were a lot of happy faces from these photos, which is what competition is all about – we’re still able to have fun even when we’re competing against each other. Despite winning or losing, we enjoy the process as a team anyway.


This is a photo was taken after our 4x50m Freestyle relay with one of my NTU seniors, Nick. As it’s his last semester before graduation, he thanked our relay team for winning the Gold medal for him and told us that this was a really good graduation gift for him, so I was really happy to that we could win this race together. Actually, it wasn’t us that helped him win the gold, we all swam our hearts out to be able to win in this race, so it wasn’t solely an individual’s effort. Our whole team did really well and I’m just glad to be part of this team.


That’s actually what I like best about relays, despite swimming being an individual sport, when a relay race comes, everyone would work together and step it up to give the best race they can. Best part is – The joy of winning would be with your team, and you’ll be able to share the happiness with one another, it’s an awesome feeling.

ntu mens team

What made me really happy this year was that the NTU Men’s team managed to emerge as overall champions! It’s indeed an amazing feeling to be part of an awesome team.

The team has sacrificed a lot for me, and I’m really appreciative of it. Thank you guys for everything!

On a side note, there’s something I would like to commend about the organizers for the IVP this time around:

Electronic Lap Counter3If you look closely above the touch pads, you can see the the numbers ‘5’ ‘7’ ‘9’, these are actually lap counters for us swimmers in case we lose count in races like 800m and 1500m Freestyle. I often lose count when it comes to races like these, it’s natural because your mind tends to wonder off especially when you’re tired. So for swimmers like us, we often turn back to look at the lap counters to see how many laps we got left. (In a 1500m Freestyle race, there are 30 laps that we have to keep track of, which is not easy)

Honestly speaking, turning my head back to look at the counter is really tiring as I have to force my head backwards when breathing for Freestyle, which would cost me more energy than I actually need for normal swimming. Therefore, what’s different during this IVP was that underwater lap counters were introduced in races like the 800m and 1500m Freestyles, which really helped me when I was swimming the 1500m Freestyle. Here’s a photo to illustrate how swimmers like us see these underwater lap counters: 

Electronic Lap Counter4 Electronic Lap Counter5

With these underwater lap counters, I didn’t have to lift my head up or force my neck back when I was swimming my 1500m Freestyle race, all I had to do was to just swim normally and I would be able to effortlessly see how many laps I have left in the race, which made swimming the race a lot easier for me.

Kudos to the organizers for inventing such an awesome product which has made distance swimming much easier for us swimmers. I heard that FINA is starting to implement this underwater lap counters worldwide so we’ll start to have these awesome gadget in other competitions soon! 🙂

If I’m not mistaken, this gadget was created by the guy standing in lane 8 (photo above) and he created this gadget with the swimmer’s interest in mind.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

It’s really rare to get a photo with one of the best photographers I know, but I finally got a photo with Adrian Seetho! Thanks for all the all the awesome swimming photos over the years bro, it has really allowed me to view my swimming career from another perspective.

Also, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the other photographers that were on the pool deck as well – Justin Seah, Auntie Janice Goh, and Nicholas Wan. They snapped really wonderful photos which I can keep as memories. 🙂

IVP Men's 1500m freestyle

Fun Fact: Justin (guy on right) also competed in the IVP and won a bronze medal in the 1500m Freestyle, he changed his role from a swimmer to a photographer after his race.


With all that said, it’s really a good experience being able to race and do my school proud. I’ve made new friends from IVP which was really awesome as well. However, now that IVP is over, it’s time to get back to business and start training hard again.

I’m ready for the grueling sessions that are coming my way. Hard work pays off!


P.S. I know many of you have been commenting about my change in hairstyle, there’s a reason behind it, you guys will know why soon 🙂 


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  1. Congrats Sheng Jun for winning 6 Golds, 2 Silvers and 1 Bronze medal in the IVP. Well done and keep up your good work! Continue to train hard and you will definitely soar to greater heights in time to come.

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