My Nikon COOLPIX AW120 underwater camera experience (spon)

I’ve always wanted a camera to capture the moments I have in life, and thankfully under the care of GetKlarity, Nikon sponsored me a camera to capture these great memories in my life. The best part is: It’s an underwater camera!!! Which makes things a lot better for me since I spend most of the time in the pool anyways.


Before I get started, here are the features of the camera:
1) Shock proof – can withstand a drop from 2m height 
2) Dust proof
3) Cold resistant proof – up to -10°c 
4) Water proof 
5) 16 Megapixel Lens
6) Built in GPS
7) Built in WiFi

Here are some of the great memories of my swimming that were captured by this camera:









These quality photos feature great clarity and contrast. To be honest, I really love this camera a lot. It’s the best underwater camera I’ve had so far. If anyone needs underwater shots, they’d ask me to bring my camera.

I really like how the colors burst out in these photos.

This camera also features WiFi so it makes things much more convenient as I can transfer these photos to my phone via WiFi immediately after taking them. It beats connecting your phone to the computer via a cable which would take up a lot of time.

The battery life of this camera is great too. Within 2 months of usage, I think I’ve only charged it 2-3 times. That’s an average of 1 charge/2 weeks of usage.

Also, this camera is small and light weight as well so you don’t have to worry about it being bulky when bringing it around. I always put it in my swimming bag so at any point of time when someone needs or wants an underwater photo, my camera would be ready.

However, no camera is perfect. The downside to this camera, unfortunately, is that it gets inconsistent at times. Sometimes, it takes really superb photos (the ones you see above) but I have to be honest to you guys as well, sometimes this camera takes really bad photos, here’s an example of it’s inconsistency:



These 2 photos were taken simultaneously and as you can see, the top photo is much clearer and brighter as compared to the second one. I’m not sure why there is inconsistency but it does happen at times which annoys me a little.



The same comparison between these 2 photos again, both of them are morning shots, but the one on top is much clearer than the one on the bottom. The bottom picture looks a little dull as compared to the top one, which further shows some inconsistency in the camera. But with some editing, we can actually still brighten the bottom picture up a little.

Another downside to this camera is that it can’t really function well during night shots, so I can’t really capture photos during the night. Here’s an example of a night shot:


As you can see the clarity drops a little bit when it comes to night, as compared to a shot taken in the morning:


The morning shot looks 100x better if you’d ask me. Though morning shots can get inconsistent at times, it rarely happens. Morning shots are great most of the time. Maybe this camera is a morning person as well… Haha.



So in conclusion, here’s a summary of what I think of this camera:

1) Water proof which allows me to take many great underwater swimming shots
2) Insanely long battery life so I wouldn’t have to worry about charging it
3) Built in WiFi for easy transfer of photos from camera to phone
4) Takes amazing shots with great clarity
5) Has a video taking function if you guys are adventurous people
6) Light weight and portable

1) Inconsistent with photos at times 
2) Unable to take great night shots

The camera is priced at SGD$469, so if you’re looking for a camera that is value for money and ideal for travel, I would recommend the Nikon COOLPIX AW120 as it is really portable. It’s hard to find an underwater camera with so many functions at such a low cost so in my opinion, it is really worth it!


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