Second week of training with the National Training Squad

We’ve finally hit mid week of training in the National training center and things are gradually getting harder as the week progresses. We’re starting to increase the volume and intensity a little and it’s really different from what we usually do. There’s a lot of emphasis placed in training our lung capacity and kicking, which I think is really beneficial to all of us.

Honestly, the thing I hate most about swimming training is kicking, and it also happens to be my worst aspect as a swimmer. But you’re only as strong as your weakest link, so it’s good that there’s a lot more emphasis on kick now.

I’m always ready for a good kick set during training. Rather be sore now than sorry when the competition comes!

Anyway, as promised, here’s a group photo of our whole team:

singapore swimming national training squad

Top row (left to right): Chris Cheong, Ting Wen, Jing Wen, Chloe, Cheryl, Roanne, Rachel, Zhen Ren, Marina 
Bottom row (left to right): Coach Gary, Zheng Wen, Brilliant, Samuel, Cherlyn, Nicholle, Dylan, Danny, Russell, myself and Coach Sergio 

Realized that Marina is still in her cap and goggles? She actually had commitments in school so she couldn’t come on time for training. The coaches actually stayed back to train her after taking this photo – That’s dedication right there.

singapore swimming national training squad 1

Here’s a funny photo that we took apart from the serious one. This one’s my personal favorite haha.

We kinda figured that this National Team (including coaches) have a lot in common: We love to have fun in whatever we do, including training of course. Training can get really tiring at times so it’s great to have coaches who are motivating and fun so that they can lighten the mood up a little when the going gets tough. Trust me, training is a lot more effective and efficient when you’re having fun!

Special thanks to Russell for bringing his camera and tripod to get this awesome team photo taken. Do note that we’re missing Francis in this group photo. If I’m not wrong he fell sick.


On a side note, meet the Santa Claus in our team – Rachel Tseng. Hahaha she’s always bringing us good food she made from scratch for the team to enjoy. Look at these macaroons! It’s the first time I’ve ever seen such beautiful macaroons with all the cute cartoon faces, and they taste really good too so thanks Rach. 🙂

All in all, things are looking really great in the national team as we’re slowly adapting to the new team by getting to know each and everyone better. Our bond as a team is definitely getting much stronger than the week before and that to me is the most important aspect in a team.

“In union there is strength” – Aesop 


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