How I felt during my break from swimming

As you all know I took a whole week off swimming to serve as a Christmas break for a year of hard work. It was indeed a well needed break as I was really burnt out and fatigue after 10 weeks of high intensity training leading up to Nationals.

I was very much looking forward to the week off as I could finally catch up with my friends and recover from all the high intensity sessions. But what happened that week was rather unexpected, and here’s why:


1) Too much time on my hands

There was literally so much free time during my week off that I kinda felt like I lost my direction and drive in life. My motivation to do things was gone as it could always wait until later.

I did manage to catch up with my friends after a long time but even after that there was still so much free time and I just didn’t know what to do with it.

During my days of training I was always in a rush for time. I had specific things to do at specific times in order to fit my training schedule and everything was fast paced.

In contrast, everything felt super slow during my week off and I just didn’t like it. I know some people like a relaxed and slow life; which is a good thing, but I’m just not one of them. It made me feel super lazy and inefficient as I always waited until the last minute to get things done.

Don’t get me wrong, I did enjoy my break, it was just that I kinda felt like I was really inefficient and unproductive that rest week which made me feel really guilty.

I’ve led a fast pace life for 16 years so I guess I wasn’t really used to such a drastic change in my life that week, but I’m glad I was able to catch up with my family and friends. 🙂


2) Lack of discipline


There was really a lack of discipline when it came to food during my off week.

Potato chips and sweets were my best friends for that week. I was CONSTANTLY snacking on chips and sweets every hour and it was MAD. They just tasted so good after months of abstinence from these goodies. Here’s an idea of what I’ve eaten which further proves my lack of discipline:








Oh by the way these Green Tea Cupcakes were made by my very own sister!!! They taste really good. This is why I told her not to bake me anymore goodies from now on as I’d really turn fat if she were to keep being this nice hahaha.

Anyway it does make me feel a little sick seeing the amount of sweet stuff I’ve eaten, but that’s probably the downside of having a sweet tooth.


3) Irregular sleeping hours

Instead of the usual 10:30pm – 04:50am sleeping hours, it became… sleeping whenever I wanted to waking up whenever I want.

I would sleep at 2am at night and wake up at 12pm the next morning, only to feel really grumpy and tired upon waking up, which isn’t a good thing as I’m usually really fresh when I’m up. These irregular sleeping times really made me feel lethargic and lazy.

But to be honest it is REALLY REALLY HARD to still sleep at 10:30pm with all your friends calling you to join them in a Dota game knowing that you have nothing on the next day haha.

But note to self: No more late nights leading up to the 2015 SEA Games, that’s for sure. 



To sum it up, even national athletes like us are only human, and we sometimes fall into the temptations that life throws at us. But though I felt really lazy, inefficient and unproductive during my week off, but it was a well needed break and I’m glad to be back in the pool.


*Just an update*

I’m training with a new group of guys now ever since the new national team has been announced. 20 of us are training with Coach Sergio Lopez now (who is Joseph Schooling’s coach) with the assistance of coach Gary Tan.

Some of the guys that I train with also went over to the national training squad (Russell, Zhen Ren, Zheng Wen, Dylan and Francis to just name a few) so it’s really good that we’re still in this together.

Now that I took a semester off school, I’d be sure to update my blog more often so be prepared to see more updates of our new National Training Squad in my next blog post! 🙂


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