Simple Card Magic Trick

So I’ve been asked many times by different people on what my hobbies are besides swimming, and to be honest, it’s not much actually.

A few years back… I actually aspired to be…



I know it sounds quite lame so don’t judge me! I always got really curious and interested in how magicians could do those amazing magic tricks so smoothly, and hence my passion to learn magic tricks grew.

I used to spend hours a week practicing different sleight of hand card techniques required to create the illusion in order for the magic trick to succeed. To be honest, it’s really quite an awesome feeling being able to see how amazed people were every time I performed a magic trick. Some even said I could get girl’s numbers with it! hahaha.

So to give you a clearer idea on the type of magic tricks I do – it’s mostly card tricks, because it only requires a pack of cards without the use of gimmicks, therefore it’s really easy and convenient.

Here’s a video of a simple card magic trick that I do which is a fundamental skill which I can apply across various magic tricks:

Unfortunately I’ve stopped practicing magic tricks due to the high demands of swimming and the different sleight of hand techniques became harder and harder to master so I kinda just stopped learning it after awhile.

Anyway hope you enjoyed this trick! Now you know what I do outside my free time. It’s mostly stuff that are challenging yet relaxing at the same time!

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