The secret to being happy

I will go off on a tangent on sports today as I realize that in a place like Singapore, people are constantly trying to adapt to a really stressful society – A society that judges you based on how you look, what you wear and who you hang out with. Maybe it’s due to the social media advancement whereby we’re all brainwashed into thinking that looking superbly good is a social norm, which isn’t.

Living in a society like that, people tend to change themselves just to fit in. To be honest, you won’t live a happy life if you were to try so hard to fit into society.

But of course there are still happy people out there who live life the way they want to, and I respect you guys a lot! It goes to show that society didn’t change who you are.

The secret to feeling happy in life is actually really simple – you have to be comfortable with yourself, how you look and what you have. But it’s easier said than done. So if you ever feel like you are not worthy of anyone, I hope you feel better after reading this post.

1) Love yourself

Everyone is different from one another, God created us that way, you can never find 2 people that look the same way, so love yourself for who you are.

Always remember that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, person A may think you are ugly but person B may think you’re the prettiest/most handsome guy/girl in the world, so don’t let one person’s perspective affect the way you look at yourself.

Loving yourself allows you to be happy, and everyone would prefer to hangout with a happy person instead of a sad one, so why be sad over something you cannot control? People are always going to judge you no matter what, so learn to control what you can control, and be happy with what you have.

So what if a guy/girl doesn’t love you back? It only means that 2 of you were never meant to be together, life is such, move on! Haha I’m sure it isn’t that hard.

Your parents put their heart and soul into loving you, and in their eyes you’re the most beautiful person on earth, so isn’t that already enough? 🙂

2) Enjoy what you are doing in life

pang sheng jun

Back to my first point of controlling what you can, you’ve got to figure out what you enjoy most in life, and work hard for it. For me it’s definitely swimming, and it’s within my control because I know that as long as I work hard for it, I will be able to get to where I want to be someday. And being in the pool really allows me to be myself. When I’m at the pool, I don’t have to think about anything, the stresses from school, it’s all gone.

So there is really no point pondering over what you can’t control, just do what you enjoy doing, and you’ll be able to find a direction to life from there.

3) Stop comparing yourself to others

Often a times we like to compare to someone better than us and feel bad about ourselves. Let me get this straight, no matter how good you are in life, there will always be someone better than you, so why compare? Just be contented with yourself and what you have, and nothing else will matter.

Set a reasonable expectation on what you want to achieve in life, and as long as you achieve it, you can either:


b) Aim for greater achievements 

Comparing will only make you feel inferior, so you have to stop doing that!

4) Ignore all haters

russell ong pang sheng jun

You are amazing for who you are, don’t ever think you’re not good enough. You can’t expect the whole world to like you, it’s NEVER gonna happen. In a society like this, people may call you fat, ugly, but as long as deep down you love yourself for who you are and not let their comments affect you, then you’ll feel a lot better. I know it’s easier said than done, but everyone has haters.

Trust me, I have loads of haters and endless amount of insults have been thrown at me too. But why would people insult you? If you think about it, they are either just jealous of you, or they wish they were you, because if they were felt good about themselves, why would they throw insults or backstab you? They must definitely be feeling inferior inside. As long as you look at it from their perspective, their insults won’t matter anymore.

If the others actually believe the gossips they hear about you, it isn’t your fault, so don’t bother trying to change the way things are because it’s out of your control. Trying to change it will only make things worse!

I’ve always had many insults being thrown at me, but I take it with a pinch of salt because those people don’t matter to me. As long as my good friends stay true to me, nothing else matters. Don’t bother fighting back, because an eye for an eye would make the world blind. Let them talk, all you have to do is to just be yourself and the truth will find it’s way somehow, just give it time.

5) Have a close group of friends that accept you for who you are


I’ve got a really strong group of friends that accept me for who I am and hence I can really be myself when I’m with them. I can get really annoying at times but they can annoy me at times too, but all in all no matter how annoying we are to each other, it will always be an unbreakable friendship; and that is the kind of friendship you should look for, one that allows you to open up and be yourself, and accept you for your flaws. Don’t try to fit in to a group that doesn’t suit you, because that would mean changing yourself to suit their needs, it isn’t worth it.

You’ll definitely find a group that accepts you for who you are so don’t stop trying!

clement lim pang sheng jun russell ong

So in order to feel happy in life, you just have to be yourself and people will still love you no matter what. Ignore all haters, because they’re not worth your time. Hope this helps! 🙂

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