Why We Should Appreciate Our Mums More

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It is always said that our mums have super human powers, and I fully agree on this.

I still remember when I was young I had frequent asthma attacks and it scared me a lot. It felt as though I was going to suffocate to death due to all that amount of oxygen deficit. Asthma seriously felt like hell to me when I was young as I constantly had attacks every night. I always carried a ventolin (an inhaler to help me breathe better) around so that I could feel better, and I had to use the maximum dose of it just to breathe normally again, but there were also times whereby I still couldn’t breathe after the max dosage.

“Mum, I cant breathe… What’s going to happen to me? Am I going to die?” I frequently asked this at 2-3am almost every night, waking my mum up because I can’t breathe. 

Knowing that I had already used the max dosage of the inhaler, my mum would hold my hand and say, “Don’t worry Sheng Jun, mummy is holding on to your hand, you’re not going die this way.” 

I was hyperventilating a little at that point of time, but holding her hand just made me feel really safe and I went to sleep holding her hands despite having lungs which felt like they were 1/2 it’s size.

To be honest I’d be pissed if anyone were to disrupt me from my sleep time but never once did she complain about me disturbing her sleep time at night, she just helped me wholeheartedly.

Thinking back now, she really had unconditional love for me and it must have really broke her heart a little to see me fight such a painful war against asthma.


This was the main reason why I took on swimming, it helped me with my asthmatic condition and kept me fit. In my 16 years of swimming, she’s always been there supporting me together with my dad for every competition. Despite those setbacks, she never gave up on me. She always believed I’d be able to match up against the top national swimmers in Singapore. She’s always been my number 1 fan though I may not always be the favorite. This has definitely motivated me to train hard and strive to be the best that I can be because I know that no matter what happens, there will always be someone who fully believes in you despite your flaws.


My mum’s not a person who expresses her love well, but deep down I know she does. She kinda expresses her love by doing things for me.

She wakes up on a daily basis to make breakfast for me.

“What do you want for breakfast tomorrow?” She would ask me the night before.

It ranges from fried egg noodles, american breakfast, egg omelettes and whatever I feel like eating.

I would come home with breakfast prepared on the table without fail in the morning, even when I’m home early in the morning after training and she has to sacrifice her sleep for it.


She would also put $50 in my angbao for no reason (I keep an angbao at home) and despite that, I still get pocket money every month, and I would question on why she gives me the money.

“This is mum’s way of showing you support in whatever you do, so please feel free to use the money anytime, or you can simply watch it grow in time to come!” 

Well, to be honest I’ve been a really naughty kid… The money has been growing ever since because my dad and mum would be giving me pocket money anyway hahaha.


To put it simple, she’s just living her life to see me succeed, and working her heart out to suit my tight schedules. Even though she’s really tired, she repeats the cycle on a daily basis because she just wants me to be happy and successful. She is equally as happy when she experience my successes.

Something struck me the other day… 

I just had a heart to heart conversation with my mum the other day which really struck me. I’m cheerful and happy most of the time, but a flaw that I have is that I always stress over things I can’t control, which isn’t good, but I can’t help but to stress over this issue, because I’m really attached to my family, and I couldn’t bear to see them go.

I took the courage and finally let it out to my mum, “Mum, I really wanna be successful next time, and I want you and dad to see my success and be happy with me. But what if I don’t become successful in time? What if you guys are gone by then?” 

“Don’t worry son, you have to understand that planet earth is just a pit stop for all of us, everyone comes and goes in this world. Next time when dad and I are gone, just remember that we’re not actually gone, because we’ll be happy in heaven seeing your success. :)”

It was indeed a deep and heart warming conversation with my mum. But no matter what, I’ll fight hard and hope that I can be successful in whatever I do. I believe that baby steps will get me there. 🙂  


All in all my mum may have her flaws as a person, nobody is perfect. But in my eyes, she’s  irreplaceable. Thanks for being my superhero mum. I’ll do you proud someday 🙂

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