Farewell Japan, Racing Will Begin Soon (Part 2)

We had a great time at Japan for the past week during our taper and I can say that all of us are well fed and ready to compete at the Asian Games! It was definitely a stress free week to keep our minds off the distractions we have in Singapore. (For me at least)

The team has definitely bonded really well so I’m sure we’ll all be cheering each other on during our races!

I personally feel that psychological and emotional factors are key to an athletes overall performance thus this camp has served to extensively prepare us for the competition!

Just to give you an idea on what happened during our week’s stay in Nara, Japan:


Our team went to the Nara Deer Park and Nara Temple for our day off last Sunday to keep our minds off racing for awhile.

photo 1 (5)

Here are some photos of us going to the deer park (for those who don’t follow me on Instagram).

photo 3 (3)


photo 4 (1)

“Don’t Touch Please” … I’m such a bad ass.

photo (2)

A mega selfie of our team!

photo (1)

All guys meditating to get in the zone before Asian Games.

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Here’s our youngest addition to the team, Jing E! She’s only 14 years old but she’s already representing Singapore for the Asian Games. When I was 14 I was still… Snoozing when it comes to 530am morning sessions. Proud that you made this team Jing! 🙂

I guess the most important thing about the swim camp is to keep our minds off from the competition for awhile so that we would not be too stressed out too early prior to the meet. It is also fine tuning our body to be in perfect shape for the competition.

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To me I get a nice rub down before every competition to flush out any lactate acid that is stuck in my body so I’m glad Uncle Peter was here to help me out! I feel great now 🙂

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Roger Fitzgerald came on board with us this Asian Games to help us out with our core. What he does is to further strengthen our core. I know swimmers’ core muscles are already strong, but what he does is to strengthen our deeper layer of muscles in our core which we don’t usually work on, and I feel a lot better after his fine tuning!

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Doing some final core maintenance exercises so that I don’t lose my precious core hahaha.

So this pretty much sums up our whole Japan trip! I’m really excited to race now and I’m sure my hard work over the months will pay off when the competition starts. Knowing that my body is ready, the 530am morning sessions all seem to be worth it now. 🙂

Do support us when we’re in Incheon, it really makes a difference when you guys are cheering the team on!

Lastly, thank you all for the support! We’ll be swimming our hearts out for sure 🙂

So long… Nara.

3 days to the Asian Games.
Singapore Swimming Team is ready!

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Finally, here’s a video of us swimmers (Featuring Lynette, Ting Wen, Rainer, Zhen Ren, Chris and myself) releasing stress when we are in Japan… Don’t judge us! HAHAHA ENJOY:

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Hard Work Pays Off

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