Singapore Swim Team in Japan (Part 1)


It’s finally taper time! For those that do not know what taper means… It’s a means to let your body recover from all the fatigue we built up over the months of high intensity training. So to put it simple, it’s to have fun and relax because we’ve done most of the hard work!

So obviously when it’s taper time most of us… Just make full use of our time sleeping, no matter where we are. Here’s my roommate Chris pigging out in the bus on the way to the pool. What a lazy boy… But I don’t blame him haha even I myself am tired too.

I really love Japan! The weather is much better here. It’s not as hot as Singapore so we won’t be as stressful as we are back there. As they say a picture paints a thousand words so as promised, here are some photos of the facilities and us!

photo 2 (2)

Here’s a panorama view of the swimming pool, super nice right? The pool temperature is like the Sports Hub so it’s much easier to swim here!

photo 3 (1)

Another view of the swimming pool. It’s like a resort omg.

photo 5

Here’s almost the whole team going to the Asian Games, not the full team yet, but we’ll have the full team in Korea! As you can tell we have the best range of coaches and Sport Science staff with us!

The swimmers (Left to Right): Danny Yeo, Quah Ting Wen, Teo Zhen Ren, Amanda Lim, Rachel Tseng, Lynette Lim, Marina Chan, Me, Roanne Ho and Christopher Cheong

The coaches and staff (Left to Right): Roger Fitzgerald, Gary Tan, Aloysius Yeo, David Lim, Eugene Chia and Peter Soon

photo 4

… And a fun shot because we’re all fun people 😉


A mandatory photo with the best coach I’ve ever trained under, Gary.

photo 2

Look at us chilling underwater… We look like bosses don’t we? #NoOxygenRequired HAHAHA meet my roommate Chris Cheong. We’ve been having heart to heart talk (HTHT) sessions daily over here in Japan (don’t worry we still sleep at about 10pm after our HTHT) to know each other better and we realize that we actually have a lot in common. But I’ll leave it as that.

photo 1 (1)

This is the coolest photo in my opinion. Our Team Arena shot! Here’s our team of Arena athletes that will be representing Singapore for the Asian Games. Pretty uniformed yeah? WE’RE READY.

Well sorry I have to bring this up but notice how close Rachel is standing to me… Now the photo doesn’t look balanced HAHAHAHA. But we promised to take another photo on Tuesday so we’ll look more symmetrical so be prepared!


And of course we’ve been well taken care off during our taper time! It’s most important to get proper nutrition in between our sessions so that we’re really well recovered when Asian Games start. SSA brought us out to eat today, the food was insanely nice! I swear I really love Japan so much haha.

photo 3 (2)

When there’s food, the swimmers are the happiest. Look at Gary, He’s so happy that he’s even glowing… Nah I’m just joking HAHAHA.

photo 1 (2)


photo 2 (1)

We had a generous portion of pork, chicken, beef and prawn and of course vegetables to balance it out.

photo 1

And when we swimmers see food… Notice Rachel taking photos of the food as well HAHA.


So this pretty much sums up our Japan trip so far! Just know that we are all getting into the zone here in Japan and the facilities here are great. I’m feeling much much better (in terms of water feel) now so hopefully I’ll be able to clock some fast times at the Asian Games.

I’ll post more photo updates next week when I have more so stay tuned! 🙂


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