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Hi Sheng Jun, could you list 20 facts about yourself? 🙂

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I have been ask to list 20 facts about myself, so here it is:

  1. I’ve been swimming ever since I was 6 years old, and over the years my passion for this sport grew a lot and swimming is part of my life now. Nothing stops me from swimming.
  2. I am 175cm, 68kg.
  3. I hate to lose, even when it’s in training. People often say I’m really competitive but I guess that’s what makes me a swimmer. My friends are ok with me being competitive so I guess I can stay the way I am.
  4. I am a really straightforward person, I’m not afraid to tell you off straight in the face when you’ve crossed the line. I guess that’s why there’s a fine line between those that hate me or like me.
  5. As I am a really straightforward person, I don’t backstab others, so I guess this flaw is actually a blessing in disguise! It’s always better to tell someone off in their face than to say it behind their back.
  6. I always believe that hard work will always pay off, it is only a matter of time. Which is why I give 100% for every training session without any regrets.
  7. I am loyal to my friends. Sometimes I even put my friends’ needs ahead of my own, but I have no regrets as they in turn put my needs ahead of their own at times as well. That’s what friends are for anyway, right?
  8. If you insult my close friends in front of me, I will stand up for them no matter what, even if it’s going against you.
  9. I trust only a few people in my life because I’ve learnt over the years that people will take advantage of you if you trust them too easily. But once you gain my trust, I will never lose my trust in you no matter what people say about you. 🙂
  10. I LOVE food, like seriously love food. Though I follow a strict diet, I have cheat meals during the weekends, and when I cheat… I really CHEAT. My friends probably know the amount of junk I eat during the weekends.
  11. I love my family and I would do anything for them. They have supported me in my swimming career for 16 years and never once complained. I owe them a lot when I start working next time.
  12. I play Dota with my friends during the weekends. We all know it is time consuming, but we do it anyway because we are all crazy addicts.
  13. I am a Sport Science and Management Undergraduate in NTU with 3 more years of studying to go.
  14. My favorite colors are Black, Red and Silver
  15. I watch inspirational Youtube videos to inspire myself at times
  16. I love Oreos, all types of Oreos, Doublestuf & Golden Oreos
  17. Negative people/comments mean nothing to me as if they’re living a good life, why would they bother about yours? They are obviously not happy about their own lives.
  18. I have a lot of haters, but hey, you can’t please the whole world so haters gonna hate. They probably hate you because you’re well ahead of them.
  19. I spend 30mins-1hour every night before bed watching random Youtube videos (I think I should really stop doing this it’s really time consuming and I should spend that time sleeping more instead)
  20. I listen to all genres of music. To give you an example, I was fetching a few of my friends to training after Gym the other day and Frozen’s – Let It Go played from my shuffled playlist. “AWWWWW, SHENG JUN YOU ACTUALLY LISTEN TO THAT, HOW CUTE.” All of my friends commented. But no… I swear my playlist was on shuffle hahaha.

So there you have it! 20 Facts about myself, hope you get a greater idea on the person I am after reading this! Do share this post by clicking the share button at the bottom if you have enjoyed reading it 🙂


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