Swimmers? Might As Well Be Fishes.

Rainer and I decided to have fun after training by doing 50 meters of underwater kicking.

Thanks to Mekal for helping us film the whole 50m without breathing as well, must have been really hard for him haha.

Here’s the video below:

Well, I guess this really differentiate swimmers from everyone else; we have an insanely huge lung capacity!

It was really fun but tiring experience holding our breaths for 50m. I know it looks easy but it really wasn’t! Took us an awful lot of determination to be honest. 

On a side note after doing this 50m kick Rainer and I felt like our lungs literally EXPANDED and our breath control was better when doing our normal training! We might be doing this more often in the future because it really helps expand our lungs.

Anyway guys this is my first ever Vlog post! Do let me know what you think about it and I may do more Vlog posts in the future 🙂

I have also created a video feed on my blog (scroll to the bottom for mobile, or the right hand sidebar if you’re using PC) so when I am away for Asian Games I may be updating my Blog via Vlog post if you all like it!


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Hard Work Pays Off

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