SAFRA Swim for Hope 2014


SAFRA Swim for Hope

The SAFRA Swim for Hope is back again this year!

All you have to do is to swim at any one of the 5 SAFRA Clubs (Tampines, Mount Faber, Yishun, Toa Payoh or Jurong) and every lap you swim will be donated to the Singapore Children’s Society, Aquatics Heart and Hope and SAF Care Fund! It’s just that simple. Details about the organisations can be found here.

Ever wanted to do good by swimming? Now is your chance! You not only get to help others, you get a good workout yourself!


I have pledge to swim 100 laps in this event so feel free to join me for the swim on the day itself! It would be nice for someone to swim together with me as 100 laps is not easy to complete hahaha!

I will be swimming at SAFRA Tampines so do say hi if you see me around!

The event will be held on 12 October, 8am – 4pm. 


Swim Clinics


Of course, there will be swim clinics conducted by a few of our national swimmers (Danny Yeo, Clement Lim and myself) if you all want to be well prepared on the day of the event!

The topics that we will be covering in the clinic would be:

1) Stretching and flexibility for performance 

You will be  learning about the importance of stretching, and the key stretches to benefit your swimming performance.


2) Core stabilization in swimming

I personally feel that the core is the most important body part in swimming. You will be learn the various core exercises to do to benefit your swimming performance.


3) Injury prevention

Shoulder injury is common in swimming due to over training. Thus we will be teaching you the most effective and efficient way to swim Freestyle so you can avoid injury!

To take part in the swim clinic, all you have to do is to express your interest to and you can participate in the swim clinic!

The swim clinic will be held on 30 August, 4pm – 5pm / 5pm – 6pm, do note that the clinic will be charged at $45/person.


Now… For the best part of SAFRA Swim For Hope (In my opinion of course haha) 

Free Swimming Seminar


I would be conducting a free swimming seminar before the swim clinic on the day itself so feel free to drop by Tampines SAFRA if you are interested!


In case you’re wondering, I will be talking about these few key areas during the seminar:

1) How to make swimming laps more effective

2) How to swim fast

3) How to condition yourself before a swim

4) Questions and Answers


Hope I can get more support from everyone on this! It will be my first ever Seminar so I hope everything goes well 🙂

We can always have photo taking and meet/greet sessions after my talk if you all want!


This event will also be held on 30 August, 3pm – 4pm. It is free for everyone so do drop by! But do note that it is subjected to availability so sign up fast! 

To take part in the seminar, all you have to do is to express your interest to and you can participate in the swim clinic!


Full details can be found in the SAFRA Website here: SAFRA Website

Hope to see you all soon! 🙂


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