Helping out in Special Olympics Singapore

Special Olympics Singapore 

Special Olympics (SO) Singapore is a non profit organization which provides year round sports training and competition in a variety of Olympic sports to children and adults with intellectual disabilities.

A few weeks back I ran an auction for an autographed swim cap by Australian World Champion Christian Sprenger where funds collected from the auction would be donated to the Special Olympics Singapore. Details about the auction can be found here.

Coach Gary asked if any swimmers wanted to volunteer to help out in the Special Olympics and the turn out was great!

Below are some of the photos of our swimmers helping out in teaching the kids to be water safe. It looks really fun! 🙂




SO 5

SO 1

The photos above are swimmers from the Swimfast Aquatic Club who are sacrificing their time during the weekends to help kids with intellectual disability to be water safe. How awesome is that?

The swimmers were really passionate and patient when helping the kids with intellectual disability and it was really a different experience for us in the pool!

Honestly, seeing the swimmers being so patient with the kids really changed my impression of everyone of them. We are mostly aggressive individuals during our training hours due to the nature of the sport, but helping out in the Special Olympics have exposed me to a different side of the swimmers, the gentle and caring sight haha.

I feel that over the weeks the swimmers have established a connection with the kids and seeing the happy kids really makes us feel a sense of joy and accomplishment that money cannot buy!

Winner of the Swimming Cap Auction

The winner for the cap auction was Dr Daniel Chia, whereby a total of $100 was raised from the swimming cap.

The winning bid was initially $60 but because it was for charity, Dr Daniel decided to top it up to $100 as a gesture of support to the Special Olympics Singapore. 🙂


“Sheng Jun, I did this solely for charity. Honestly, I would have much preferred your autographed cap instead!” He said after winning the bid for the cap. So I decided to give him an autographed cap of mine together with the Sprenger cap.

Take a look at what he did after getting the caps:


I really did not expect this but it is really an honor to be able to see someone putting my swim cap alongside a world champion! 🙂 Seeing my cap alongside with Sprenger really motivates me to train even harder and I hope that I will be able to match up to the big names in the pool one day.

On a side note, I am happy to say that a total of $250 was raised for the Special Olympics Singapore and I am really glad that we could be of help! There are indeed kind-hearted people in Singapore and I sincerely thank everyone for your support. 🙂

$250 will be sufficient for the kids in Special Olympics to have transportation and food for 3-4 months, which is really good! I’m glad we could make a difference in their lives.

One of Coach Gary Tan’s passion is to be able to encourage more kids with intellectual disability to swim and we really support his idea! Hopefully through this coaching sessions the kids will be water safe in the future.

If any swimmers are keen to help out the Special Olympics Singapore please feel free to let Coach Gary know and he will be glad for you to join us! 🙂

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