Swimming Video: How to do a Backstroke to Breastroke Flip Turn

I received a request to do a Backstroke to Breastroke turn so this is how I do my turn in swimming during an Individual Medley race.


There are 3 types of Backstroke-Breastroke turn in swimming.

1) Touch Turn

2) Flip Turn

3) Side Flip Turn


Depending on the distance of the race, I usually mix around using the touch turn and the side flip turn as I find that you will be at a greater oxygen debt for a side flip turn. The video below shows me doing a Backstroke to Breastroke flip turn:


Things I look out for:


1) Always touch the wall with your dominant hand

photo 1

Touching the wall with your dominant hand makes the difference as you are always going to have faster turns with your dominant hand. You would not be able to turn as well with your non dominant hand.

As my dominant hand is the right hand, I aim to always touch the wall with my right hand thus being able to nail my turns. To ensure that you always touch with your dominant hand, always use the same amount of underwater kicks off each wall and count the number of strokes you take.

For me, I kick 4 underwater kicks and pull 34 strokes per 50 in my Backstroke. Therefore I am always able to touch with my dominant hand every race.


2) Know the exact amount of strokes you take 


This is crucial for having a fast turn.

In order to ensure that you turn with your dominant hand, you need to be able to know the amount of underwater kicks and strokes per lap so that you will always be touching with your dominant hand.

Always remember, practice makes perfect, so always stick to a standard amount of underwater kicks and strokes and you will not go wrong during a competition.

For me, I do 4 underwater kicks and pull 32 strokes for every of my races so I will always turn with my dominant hand. I ensure that I always practice this standard amount of kicks and strokes so that it all comes naturally during my races.


3) Make sure you are in a streamlined position before pushing off 

photo 2

This would ensure that maximum speed is generated at the start of your turn. Having good turns can determine whether you win or lose your race, so always remember to be streamlined off each wall!


Hope this video gives you a better idea on how to do a Backstroke-Breastroke turn! Feel free to ask me anything if you do face any problems when trying this turn out and I will be happy to answer them! 🙂


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