Review: Creative Sound Blaster Evo ZXR Headphones

I received the Creative Sound Blaster Evo ZXR a few weeks ago during the 2nd SEA Swimming Championships and have been using them to get in the zone throughout my races. I have used this pair of headphones daily over the past few weeks so if you are looking for a pair of headphones and an honest review, do continue reading!



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The box itself reminds me of my previous headphones: the Beats by Dre Studios V2. It comes in my favorite black and red so I loved the way the product looked even before using it. It has a matte black finish on the headband and a glossy black finish on the ear cups. It looks really striking but I love it.




As you can see the ear cups are REALLY SOFT. Which makes it really comfortable to wear even for long hours. Thus it is great for long hour flights as well.

I personally use these headphones before bed. For me I dedicate 1 hour before sleep every night to listen to music as I really appreciate music a lot. To be honest, I fall asleep sometimes listening to music not realizing that my headphones are still on so I can proudly say that they are really comfortable!



soundblaster evo zxr

I really love the sound quality of these headphones! Most of my songs are of the hip hop and dance genre, so this pair of headphones really suit me as it has a really punchy bass to it. It really psyches me up and gets me in the zone before every race. I will definitely bring this pair of headphones along with me during the Asian Games in September.

However, do note that even with the punchy bass, it does not compromise the amazing clarity that it has. When I am listening to slower songs before sleep, it kind of feels like the singer is just singing beside me (not exaggerating HAHA) so these headphones definitely has amazing clarity as well. This is what makes it a very versatile pair of headphones.


Live Life Wirelessly: 


What I like most about this pair of headphones is its wireless function. It can be connected via Bluetooth or NFC for android users.

Not only that, I can control my music with ease without even taking my iphone out of my pocket.

Some details about the features on the right ear cup:

ANC: Active noise cancellation, turn it on to block out unwanted noises in a noisy environment

TT: Talk through, you can still engage in a conversation with your headphones on, just press the talk through button

Fast forward/rewind: All of this can be done without taking your phone out from your pocket

SB-Axx1 Audio Processor: This is what differentiates the Sound Blaster Evo ZXRs from the rest.

soundblaster centralphoto 2photo

SB-Axx1 audio processor is basically an app to allow you to have different headphone profiles and adjusting the equalizers to your liking. You have the freedom to adjust your equalizer depending on what you’re listening to. For example, I would prefer having more surround sound when watching a movie, so all I have to do is to shift the ‘surround’ option up during a movie and I will have a much better movie experience.

After adjusting the equalizer, you can save it to your profile so you would not have to readjust it again the next time you use these headphones.

So for those who don’t like bass in their music, just turn the bass option down to your liking.

Anyway, for those that know how to read equalizers, feel free to let me know what equalizers are good at the comment section below and I will be glad to try out different equalizers!



The Sound Blaster Evo ZXRs also have an in built mike which is good for me when I am gaming with my friends during the weekends. We always Skype each other during our Dota gaming sessions and I used to shout at times as they could not hear me during the exciting moments of the game, but ever since I got these headphones I have had no communication problems with them!



Nothing is perfect. For me the only issue I have with this pair of headphones is that it doesn’t feel tight enough for me. When I am doing neck rotations and jumping jacks during my pre warm up before a race these headphones tend to slide off a little and it feels like it is going to drop. So when I am doing these stretches I just remove these headphones for a minute or two and continue listening to my music when I am done with those stretches. However, if you are not looking to do crazy neck rotation and jumping jacks this would not be an issue for you. I am sure that it would be possible to make the headphones tighter for me!

And I also wish that they had more variety of colors to suit every individual. Even though red and black are my favorite color, others may want less striking colors like a pair of pure black/white headphones.


On a side note: 

I always loved my Beats by Dre Studios, and I remembered them to be really good. The last time I used it was before last year’s SEA Games. Just a few days back, I took them out to relive the old days where I were still using beats.

I could not even listen past 2 songs as it just did not sound as good as I remembered it to be. Yes, the bass was great, but the clarity was not as good as the Sound Blaster Evo ZXRs. A bit disappointing if you’d ask me, but I am happy that the Evo ZXRs are my main pair of headphones now!


Sound Blaster Evo ZXR vs Creative Aurvana Platinum

soundblaster evo zxr 1aurvana platinum

As some of you all can remember I did a review on the Creative Aurvana Platinum headphones. In comparison, both of them are great headphones, but being a bass lover, I personally prefer the Sound Blasters to the Aurvana Platinums as it has a greater bass and it also allows me to customize my music freely to my liking.



This is a pair of solid headphones with great design, comfort and versatile sound quality. I will definitely bring them along for every competition!

More details of the product can be found here.


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