A Deeper Look at What’s in my Swimming Bag

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I received a request from someone to show what I have in my swimming bag when I go for training sessions, so here it is:


1) Loads and loads of Swimming Trunks from Arena


I’ve been an Arena sponsored athlete since 2009. And since then, I’ve been piling up the trunks that they sponsor me in my swimming bag so that I have the freedom to change the swimming trunk designs I wear for every training session. I have more than 10 trunks in my swimming bag. Since I train 2 times a day, I would personally get bored if I were to wear the same trunks every day.

I always believe that sharing is caring. Swimmers forget to bring their swimming trunks for training sessions at times due to certain reasons; E.g. forgetting to put them back in their swimming bag after drying them, etc. So if anyone were in need of trunks, I would be happy to lend them mine. I’m pretty sure Zheng Wen and Michael Yong can relate to this.


2) A spare set of Swim Cap and Goggles

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Call me crazy, but I always have the fear that my goggles/cap will snap one day with the amount of time we spend on training, so I always bring a spare set of cap and goggles in case one snaps. So far none has given in yet. (Maybe because they are from Arena haha)

You might be wondering: Why 2 sets of caps but 3 pairs of goggles? I bring a spare pair of goggles in case someone else’s snaps and they need mine. It has happened quite a few times. Swimmers like Kei and Samuel Khoo have borrowed my spare goggles before so they have come in handy.


3) A lot of fluids to keep me hydrated 

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Staying hydrated is key to performing well in a hot and humid environment like Singapore. I carry 2 bottles of Gatorade to stay hydrated during and a bottle of protein shake for immediate recovery post training. Sadly I can’t really afford to share my water as it is just sufficient for me.


4) Creative Soundblaster Roar Wireless Speakers

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Lastly, I bring my Creative Soundblaster Roars for every week’s dryland session (Tuesdays and Thursday afternoons) as our group finds that music does give us that extra motivation and pump when it comes to working out.

These speakers are really bass heavy and loud so it suits the hip hop/dance genre that I usually blast during our dryland workouts.


So there you have it, all the stuff that I pack in my swimming bag. To be honest, it’s a really heavy swimming bag, but lucky for me I only carry it for no more than 5 minutes before putting it down.

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