A First Person’s View of the Singapore Sports Hub; One Word: Fascinating

As you all know, the Singapore Sports Hub (SSH) is opening in a few weeks and it would be hosting our South-East Asian Swimming Championships from June 14-26.

I’m privileged enough to be part of the opening of the OCBC Aquatic Centre at SSH today and my friends and I managed to take a few photos. Here are some first person photos of the OCBC Aquatic centre:

Entrance of the OCBC Aquatic Centre:


Competition Pool:


Underwater shot of the competition pool (taken by Russell Ong):


The competition pool is the deepest competition pool in Singapore, and I honestly feel good swimming in it.

A bird’s eye view of the swimming pool (taken by Rainer Ng):


Warm up/ warm down pool:


A mandatory shot by the pool:


A shot with my bro Rainer Ng at the competition pool:


Another shot with my bro Russell and Roanne at the competition pool. Yeah she’s a bro too:


The Past and the Present group of National swimmers:


(From left to right: Roanne Ho, Russell Ong, Gary Tan, Me, Mark Chay, Joscelin Yeo, Ng Yue Meng, Danny Yeo, and Rainer Ng)

We had a friendly relay competition among us today and it really was a once in a lifetime experience and honor to be able to race alongside Olympians like Gary Tan, Mark Chay and Joscelin Yeo. It’s really an unforgettable experience; what are the chances of me being on the same relay team as my current swim coach Gary? Definitely feels awesome! All I can say is that the competitive attitude in swimmers will never go away even after we are retired. Right before the race Gary said “Good luck guys, you’re going to need it.” At that moment I knew that the race was on, I’m just glad that Gary was on my team hahaha.

Overall it has been a great experience at the OCBC Aquatic Centre at the SSH and I’m really excited for it to be officially opened. Seeing all our national swimmers; pass and present all coming together to race in this world class swimming pool, I can really see how this venue will come to life when it opens. Can’t wait to train here. It would definitely take a big step towards promoting Sports For All in Singapore as it would be opened to the public in the future as well!


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