A little to you may mean a lot to someone else; The Power of Giving

A while back ago I was going to have dinner with my parents after my training and we were struggling to find a parking lot as it was really crowded.

Fortunately an elderly man in his mid 70s directed us to a parking lot. We thanked him and were really grateful as I was really hungry after training that day.

So after that we went to grab dinner at a coffee shop and we saw the same elderly man standing in front of a food stall at the coffee shop as well. That was when I took a closer look at him; he was wearing clothes that seem like they haven’t been changed for days, and he was holding just a few coins in his hands. He kept calling the stall owner but the stall owner ignored him. (Probably seeing that he doesn’t have enough money).

Helpless, he stood there and repeatedly counted the coins in his hands.

“Hey Sheng Jun, isn’t that the man that helped us with finding a parking lot just now?” my mum asked.

“Yeah, definitely is.” I replied.

Mum takes out 5 dollars from her wallet, “I’m not sure whether he’s in need of this money, but why don’t we just offer it and see how it goes?” 

Not sure whether he really needed it, I took the 5 dollars, walked up to him and said nervously, “Hey uncle, do you need this?” 


He took the 5 dollars from my hands, and for about a minute or so, he just stared at me.

Soon after, he broke out in tears. “Thank you so much, 谢谢你, 谢谢!” 

Tears flowed from his eyes, and he kept saying thank you and I told him not to worry about it.

“This money really means a lot to me, my kids had left me, everybody looks down on me. It has not been easy for me, and I feel really helpless, thank you so much for this money, I really needed it.” My heart literally sank when he said that.

Seeing him live life like that is really an eye opener for me and it makes me appreciate my life even more, it’s like people nowadays are constantly comparing on who has the bigger house, faster car, better phone, whereas for this elderly man he’s just fighting to survive.

A little to you may mean a lot to someone else


From this incident I have learnt to appreciate the little things even more, my family, the things I’m blessed with. It has taught me not to compare with others and just be contented with what I have.

I also have learnt that a little to you may mean a lot to someone else, like even though 5 dollars may not be a great amount to us, it was already enough to make that elder man’s day, definitely worth it!

So my challenge for my readers, start helping those that are in need today! It doesn’t take much from our pockets but it really can change their lives a lot.

Hope this post can inspire more people to help others! and for those that already are, kudos to you! 🙂


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