If you ever feel like giving up, just watch this video

No matter how hard your life may be right now, always remember that NOTHING is impossible, Just take Arthur as an example, he couldn’t even walk or run from the start, doctors even told him for 15 years that he wouldn’t be able to walk unassisted ever again. But with a strong mindset, he pulled through.
If he had given up from the start, he wouldn’t have been where he is today.




“Just because I can’t do it today, doesn’t mean I’m not able to do it someday.”

It took him a total of 10 months of solid determination to lose 140Lbs; that is indeed a long and tough journey but he managed to pull through it step by step.
Always remember when you start something from scratch, it’s definitely going to take a lot of hard work and determination to get where you want to be, but as long as you have faith and believe in yourself, it’s only a matter of time before you get there.
When you’re on the verge of giving up, always remember the reason why you started in the first place because ultimately, you are in control of yourself, so don’t let others affect you.


If a 47 year old disabled veteran can do it, so can you! 🙂


I’m really glad that someone had faith in him. Much respect to his Yoga instructor and Arthur. This goes to show that as long as you believe in yourself and you set your mind to it, nothing will stand in your way.

This video touched my heart and inspired me greatly and I hope it can touch the hearts of those who watch it too. :’)


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Hard Work Pays Off

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