A closer look: Creative Aurvana Platinum Headphones

 First Look


I’ve worn many headphones in my life before, ranging from Sennheiser PXC 450, Beats by Dre studio (both old and new versions), and SOL Republic Track HD. To be honest, I like all of them. Beats and SOLs gives more bass to my music compared to my Sennheisers, whereas the Sennheiser’s feature excellent noise cancellation as compared to the Beats and SOLs. So between these few headphones I’m always stuck in a dilemma; picking noise cancellation vs good bass.

But what do all these headphones have in common? They are all wired.

A problem I face as a swimmer is that the headphone wire always gets in the way when I’m stretching before my competitions. I often hit the wire of my headphones swinging my arms forward or side to side and it can get frustrating at times. I even swung my headphones away once as I hit the headphone wire when I was stretching (not exaggerating). That is why I choose to wear earphones nowadays during competitions instead.

Fortunately, the new Creative Aurvana Platinum headphones are wireless headphones, which really suit sportsmen like me as I need the freedom of movement when preparing for my race.



When I first received my Aurvana Platinums I was really amazed by the design; Brown leather headphones with a matt finish and a silver headband. It was a change from the usual black and red I usually get for my Beats. It is indeed a classy and sophisticated design which I prefer.



The ear cups are made of memory foam so it’s really comfortable wearing it for long periods of time. To be honest I could not really feel anything on my head when listening to music thus I could go hours listening to music with this pair of headphones.

Live life wirelessly

This pair of headphones has definitely allowed me to control my music with ease. The right ear cup allows me to play/pause, fast forward/rewind and change my music anytime I want, which really saves a lot of time as I usually have to take my Iphone out of my pocket which can get really troublesome at times.

Tri-Mode ANC


The Tri-Mode ANC is what differentiates this pair of headphones from others. Noise cancellation may not be favored by some audiophiles as it actually affects the sound quality of the music. With the Tri-Mode ANC, I can choose the noise cancellation mode that I want. (Airplane, Outdoor and Indoor) So basically when I am going abroad for competitions I use the airplane mode for my flights, when I need to get in the zone during competitions I would use the outdoor mode, and when I’m at home alone I’ll choose the indoor mode and the headphones will adjust its noise cancellation accordingly, which makes it the most versatile pair of headphones.


As I listen mostly to Hip Hop, this pair of headphones suits me best. It’s more towards the bassy side, without compromising the clarity of the music. I define a good pair of headphones by how much they can psych me up before a race, and this headphones did a great job. I feel as though I’m actually listening to music in a studio with the excellend surround sound.

I’m actually getting the best of both worlds with this pair of headphones; having great bass in my music with superb noise cancellation.

On The Go


With this water resistant carrying case, I can put it in my swimming bag with my swimming suits without worrying about it getting wet, which has made it really convenient for me.

Getting in the zone


Like I mentioned in my previous blog post, performing well in a competition is all about getting in the zone. I had my Creative Aurvana Platinum headphones before my event and it had definitely helped me a lot. I really felt like I was in my own world when I had this pair of headphones on. The active noise cancellation was excellent so I couldn’t hear what was going in the surroundings. Therefore there wasn’t any trouble prepping up for my race as I could block out all distractions from my surroundings.

This is by far the best headphones I’ve ever worn, plus they’re wireless! Looking forward to many other great products from Creative.

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