Thank you Rafflesians

I was doing my weekly land training at Raffles the other day and I left my shoes behind at the swimming pool gallery. I was in a rush that day so I totally forgot about it. It was only the next day that I realized that it was lost when I couldn’t find it in my car. I felt quite crappy that day as those were my favorite pair of shoes and they were only a few months old.

I did try to ask some friends from Raffles to take my shoes for me but they were not in school at that point of time as well.

Reluctantly I dug out a pair of really old shoes from my shoe rack and wore them to school. Many thoughts ran through my mind that day:

 “Damn that guy must be happy he got my shoes.”

“How could I leave my favorite pair of shoes behind?!”

“Ahh whatever, it’s gone anyway, let’s just move on.”

Thoughts like these were constantly in my mind. To be honest I was really disappointed as I really loved that pair of shoes.

It was pretty impossible to get my pair of shoes back as the earliest I’ll be training at Raffles would be the following week. (We do our land training at Raffles every Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, and I left my shoes behind on a Thursday) So what were the chances of my shoes still being there after almost a week? Even if nobody took it, the wind in Raffles is usually VERY strong, so it would have been blown away even if nobody took it.

The following Tuesday I walked to the pool gallery and like I expected, my shoes were no longer there. Oh well, I could only blame my own forgetfulness for this.

Just as I gave up hope, I walked up to one of our boxes where we put our weights inside. Surprised, this is what I saw in the box:


My shoes were neatly placed in the box so that it wouldn’t be blown away by the strong wind. I was really shocked to see my shoes there as it has almost been a week and not only did nobody take it, it was put in a box nicely to make sure that it wouldn’t be blown or taken away.

At that very moment, I felt really relieved that my favorite pair of shoes was not lost, and also grateful for the Rafflesian that went through the trouble of putting the shoes neatly in the box for me.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Rafflesian for taking the trouble to put my shoes in the box neatly, you definitely made my week!


Thank you.


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