Power in Legs through Rolfing has Enhanced my Swimming Performance

The emphasis of Session 4 and Session 5 of Rolfing were on the power of my legs and feet. Hee Tan needed 2 sessions to be able to fully free up my legs, thus session 4 and 5 were combined.

Session 4

Session 4 focused on the inside of the leg from the ankle to the pelvis at a slightly deeper layer. The purpose of this session was to find support for and allow more core engagement when swimming.

The core is the most important part of the body for swimming as it gives you better body position in the pool.

Better core engagement = Higher body position in the pool = Faster speed

To me, I find that session 4 and 5 are the most important sessions as it taught me how to fully engage my core during swimming.

Here are some photos of session 4: 

Seated Work

Hee Tan started the session with some seated work as I’ve mentioned to him that my gluts hurt from all the long hours of sitting in school. From this seated work he taught me the correct posture of sitting and it gave me ‘muscle memory’ to be able to maintain the correct posture when sitting down. My gluts did not hurt after that.

Aligning my ankle and feet

Aligning the inside of ankle and leg

This was basically to elongate my ankles to have more freedom and range of motion when swimming,


Freeing up the inside of thigh till the sit bone.

Hee Tan could feel that I had restricted range of motion in the inside of my thigh so he worked on that area as well.


Seated work. Connecting from feet to core

Session 5: (Psoas Session)

Session 5 was a continuation of Session 4. In session 5, work was done in the front of the hips as well as the abdomen area, diaphragm, and ribs. The aim of this session is to open the front of the body and provide a new dimension of lift up the core.

The session started off with me on a lying position and Hee Tan told me to lift my legs one by one, this was to see if I was lifting my legs using my Quads or using my Psoas muscles. I was using both my quads and Psoas muscles but more strain was felt at the quads. The aim of this session was to get me to use more of my Psoas muscles as it would connect my core and quads more efficiently.

Here are some photos of session 5: 

photo 1
Swinging my legs to make sure I’m engaging my Psoas muscles

Hee Tan told me to swing my legs while he pressed on my muscles to make sure that my Psoas muscles were engaged instead of my Quads. It was tough engaging my Psoas muscles at first but I soon got the hang of it.

Pressing deep into my Psoas Muscles

Next, he worked directly on my Psoas muscles while I was lifting my legs up one by one to let me feel the engagement of my Psoas muscles instead of my Quads.

Session 5’s focus was a lot on letting me feel the engagement of my Psoas muscles. People usually don’t feel the Psoas muscles as it’s a really deep layer of our muscles, we tend to use more of our Quads instead. thus the main goal of this session is to make me realize the importance of Psoas muscle engagement.


After the session Hee Tan did a few test on me and I managed to engage more of my Psoas muscles instead of Quads. How I felt after the session was that I could literally feel that I was effectively using all the muscles in the lower part of my body, instead of just Quads. (Which I originally thought that was all the strength I had)

Hee Tan made me walk for several minutes to make me feel the connection within the lower part of my body. As I was walking I could feel that I was walking using my Psoas muscles and not my Quads, which is a good thing because my Quad muscles are often sore after long hours of walking. Thus I find that I benefited most from this session.

This session made me feel that my body had much more potential to use more strength, as it connected my Core muscles, Psoas muscles and Quad muscles together as one, instead of just using my Quads.

How I felt in the pool: 

I felt that there was more overall connection between my lower body. Instead of using just my Quads to kick, I could engage my Core, Psoas muscles and Quads during Freestyle swimming, which makes it easier for me to swim as I’m using my muscles more efficiently. Definitely feeling a lot lighter in the pool thanks to Rolfing. Thank you Hee Tan!


If you’re interested in Rolfing as well, feel free to check it out here!

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Rolfing Session is $120/hr.

To schedule an appointment, call Hee Tan @8498 5673.


Just an update:

Hee Tan is currently in the US for some Continuing Education workshops. He will be back on 18th March with more new skills!
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2 Replies to “Power in Legs through Rolfing has Enhanced my Swimming Performance”

  1. Hello Sheng Jun, I would like to ask how many sessions does a national athlete like yourself go for such massages every week-I am making reference to an article you posted regarding “power in legs through rolfing has enhanced my swimming performance”? and for how long are these massages per session, how much does a high quality massage cost for competitive sports persons from various sporting disciplines-for example swimming, canoeing, dragonboating and track and field just to name a few. Because for myself I do not engage such services and prefer to rest and recover naturally through the body mechanisms of building and restoring fatigued muscles. I was asking so i know how much to budget for such therapies in future. Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Samuel,

      I usually go for massages once a month. One massage/rolfing session is an hour.

      A massage would cost about $80 and Rolfing costs $120 per session.

      If you are looking to clear lactate acid and the fatigue fron your body i’ll recommend going for a massage. If you’re interested I can introduce the masseur that I go to.

      If you’re looking for spinal alignment and better posture you should try Rolfing as that would be more suitable.

      Hope I helped! Feel free to ask me anything else.

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