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There have been many weight loss products in the market nowadays guaranteeing that you’ll lose weight, but they don’t come cheap. Studying Exercise Science and Physiology I’ve actually learnt the cheapest and easiest way to burn fats which has been scientifically researched and proven to work. Of course I’m not saying that you shouldn’t buy weight loss pills, but what I’m trying to do here is to give you a much cheaper and easier alternative to weight loss as I know weight loss pills can be costly.

As you all know, we store the most fats in our body as compared to carbohydrates and protein, so by burning fat, we will naturally lose weight.

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In continuation to that, I will further explain how the body burns Fats vs Carbohydrates. If your main aim is to burn fat, then read on.

Why does the body choose to burn carbohydrates during high intensity exercises?

1)    Carbohydrates require less oxygen as compared to Fats. So if your body feels like it is in an oxygen deficit, it would naturally shift to burning Carbohydrates instead of Fats.

2)    When we’re engaged in high intensity exercises, adrenaline naturally increases thus leading to more Carbohydrate breakdown.

Vo2 Max

Before I start explaining the graphs, Vo2 Max is actually defined as the maximum oxygen uptake you can have during exercise, it’s basically your aerobic fitness.

The Crossover Point (Graph I)

Graph 1

As you can see from Graph I, there is a progressive shift from burning fat to carbohydrate with the increase in exercise intensity. As you can see you’re actually burning the most fat at about 10-20% Vo2 Max. Thus from this graph I can conclude that you actually burn the most fat as compared to carbohydrate when you’re doing nothing at all. You must be thinking, “Wait, so all I have to do is to sit and do nothing at all?” Answer is no, please read on for my explanation.

It’s true that you are actually burning more fat than carbohydrate when you are doing nothing at all, but do take note that this graph shows the relative comparison of both substrates, meaning that I may be burning more fat, but that is just in comparison to carbohydrates. Even though no carbohydrate was used, not much fat was being burn as well. So sorry to break the news to you, sitting down and doing nothing will not help you burn much fat as well! (damn)

Absolute amount of Fats used during exercise (Graph II)

Graph 2

Graph II clearly illustrates the absolute amount of fat you burn during exercise. From the graph you can clearly see when I’m at 20% Vo2 Max (doing really light exercises), though I’m utilizing my fat storage the most instead of carbohydrate, I’m actually not burning as much fats as compared to when I’m at 50% Vo2 Max (moderate intensity exercises).

When I’m at 80% Vo2 Max, I’m actually using more of my carbohydrate as my main source of energy so fat isn’t being utilized as efficiently as compared to 50% Vo2 Max.

Thus, from this graph you can conclude that fat is the best energy source when it’s at moderate exercise intensities (50% Vo2 Max). So the best way to burn fat is to just keep doing moderate intensity exercises like light jogging or cycling!

Fats are used during moderate intensity exercise (Graph III)

Graph 2

Graph 3 shows that there is a gradual shift from burning carbohydrate to fat during prolonged moderate intensity exercises, which further emphasizes on the effectiveness of just doing 30-45minutes of light jogging to burn the most fat!

So there you have it, the most effective way to burning fats. As the saying goes it’s not always about working hard, but the key to success is to work smart!

Hope this gives everyone a clearer idea on how fat is best utilized in our body. Skip the weight loss pills and start a healthy lifestyle. Good luck!


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Credits to Dr Stephen Burns as I’ve extracted most of my information from his lecture notes.

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