Rolfing has helped my swimming performance

My third session of Rolfing was more specific towards the Freestyle swimming stroke. I was lying mostly on my side during the session, working on the sides of my torso, neck, hips, lats and trapezius to free the muscles up from tension so as to increase range of motion and be more connected with each other.

photo 3

As you can see from the photo above, the focus in this session was to free up tension and lengthen my muscles for my hands to allow easier movement and more range of motion for my Freestyle stroke.

As he was pressing deep into my lat muscles he simulated the Freestyle swimming motion to ensure that he cleared the tension from that area so that I’ll be less tight and also increase my range of motion during my Freestyle stroke.

I felt a really sharp sensation through my whole arm as he was pressing on it. Hee Tan told me that my whole body was really tight that day and I kinda realized that as I had a really tough week at the pool. I could feel my hands slightly lighter after he was done with my lats.


This is the back view of Hee Tan working on my lats. Still as painful haha.


Next was freeing up my Trapezius. To me freeing up the traps is the most important part as I usually find my traps very tight due to the constant weight that is being placed on my traps every day. (Mostly through carrying heavy school/swimming bags around)

Same feeling of the sharp sensation when he was working on my traps. Rolfing works on the deep muscles in your body thus having sharp pains are common.

Hee Tan started working on my right side first, and after he was done, he told me to have a walk to feel the difference. I felt my whole right side longer than my left. My dad was telling me that I was literally walking sideways, whereby my right side was taller than my left. It was a really weird feeling if you’d ask.

“Haha! Ok since you’re feeling weird now, let’s move on my balancing things out on the left side.” Hee Tan then started lengthening the left side of my body as well.

photo 5

Finally after the left side was done, Hee Tan did a final check on my spine and some last adjustments before the session ended. It was done in the sitting position. How it worked was that he used his thumbs and pressed deep into my muscles while I simulated my Freestyle stroke.

After session 3 I felt longer again in general as all the training has built up tension in my body overtime so having the third session really made me feel elongated once again! I could walk with ease again and I fell weightless. It’s a pretty awesome feeling.

I went for training after the Rolfing session and I could feel more range of motion when I was swimming my Freestyle. My hands felt generally lighter and longer as well.

Lighter = Natural increase in endurance!

I gotta say that session 3 is my favourite session so far as I can really feel the difference in the pool this time around. Looking forward to Hee Tan working on my feet and legs for power during session 4 and 5!


If you’re interested in Rolfing as well, feel free to check it out here!




Rolfing Session is $120/hr.

To schedule an appointment, call Hee Tan @8498 5673.


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