6 Tips to Resist the Temptation to Snack During CNY


Happy Chinese New Year everyone! Still can’t believe that almost a month has already passed in 2014, time really flies so really treasure your time with your family and loved ones.

As we all know that it’s a tradition during chinese new year to snack on a variety of unhealthy food, we do that simply because it’s yummy and it has already become our second nature over the years. Here’s the list of snacks we have during CNY and the amount of calories in it:


Image Credit: http://www.herworldplus.com/food/updates/cny-2013-goodies-calorie-count-guide

To summarize, these foods contain A LOT of calories; just imagine how horrified we would be when we weigh ourselves after CNY. I honestly find it easy to eat a few slices of Bak Kwa at once, but I really can’t imagine myself eating 5-7 slices of bread, that is just crazy. I’m sure many of you feel the same way.

So how do we resist the temptation to snack? Here’s a list of things I’ve thought about which may help you snack less. I always believe that we can afford to eat all things in moderation, so I’m not saying that you should totally stop snacking on these CNY goodies, but what I propose is to snack lesser.

1)    Drinking a glass of milk before snacking

Personally I find that this is the best solution to satisfy my snack cravings. A glass of milk contains a relatively high amount of Carbohydrates and Proteins which would suppress your appetite; therefore you would crave less for those unhealthy snacks. Milk protein is actually different from the usual Whey protein we drink post training; milk protein is made up of Casein protein, a slow digesting protein which would stay in your body for quite some time, whereas Whey protein gets rapidly absorbed in our body. By drinking a glass of milk, you would definitely feel a sense of fullness for quite a period of time thus leading to you snacking less naturally.

2)    Take the maximum serving you will consume  

Often a times we over snack when it comes to CNY as many of us just hold a container of Pineapple tarts and snack in front of the TV. We actually don’t realize that we’re overeating as we think that it’s ok to have ‘just one more’. The best solution to this would be to take a plate, and fill that plate up with a variety of Bak Kwa, Pineapple tarts, Kueh Lapis

3)    Stop eating immediately when you no longer feel hungry

When it comes to snacking, we shouldn’t eat until we feel full; rather, we should eat until we no longer feel hungry. I may sound contradicting here but usually when you feel full after eating, chances are you have already over ate. Our brain takes a longer time to register that we’re full as compared to the rate that we are eating. So once you don’t feel hungry, stop snacking, you don’t have to finish what’s on your plate.

4)    Eat slowly

Every slice of Bak Kwa is LOADED with calories, so always constantly remind yourself that and saviour every piece of Bak Kwa you consume. Chew slowly; your brain doesn’t immediately register that your stomach is full, so you’ll naturally snack less when you eat slowly.

5)    Peer pressure

Family members might tell you “it’s ok to snack, it’s just once a year.”

NO, it is not ok, you’re going to regret it once CNY is over. Always remember, you are what you eat, so always control your urges when you can.

6)    Reward yourself at times

I always believe that we shouldn’t deprive ourselves too much. Life is about enjoying anyway. Like for me, I allow myself to indulge in unhealthy foods every Saturdays, that kinda helps me stay sane to be honest. I really can’t imagine life without junk food. Sometimes, being too deprived isn’t good as well. If you allow yourself to snack from time to time, your snack cravings would naturally be lesser. Thus, you wouldn’t feel a need to reward yourself greatly during CNY as you know that you’re always rewarding yourself from time to time.


To end it off, always remember to eat all foods in moderation and you will be fine.

Once again have a Happy Chinese New Year 2014, and hope you achieve your goals!


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