The Secret to Feeling Taller (Sponsored)

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As I mentioned earlier on my first blog post on Rolfing, I’ll keep everyone up to date from each Rolfing session to see what significant changes I experience through the Rolfing session.

Session 2: Legs and Knees

Take note: As Hee Tan needed to work on the deep muscles of my hip flexors, he suggested that I wore swimming trunks for that session so that it would be easier for him to feel the tight areas in my legs. 

Our whole body is connected, therefore treating the root of the problem starts from the legs (lower body), and therefore Hee Tan worked on this specific area for session 2. The session started with him telling me to walk a few rounds to feel my posture and leg position when I walk. This gave me a vivid memory of how my body feels when I walk so that I can feel the difference after he works on my lower body. So this was what I observed:

1)    I’m walking really loudly

2)    The main muscle group engaged were my hip flexors


It started off with a full body assessment again to see which part of my lower body is not aligned, and also a bit of neck work to make sure that my neck has reached full extension. I felt a searing pain in my neck as it was really tight but Hee Tan managed to loosen it up.


Next were the legs, targeted areas that he worked on were the deep muscles of my ankles, shin, and quadriceps (front of thigh). How he worked on it was basically to press on a point where my leg was the tightest and told me to move my toes, feet, followed by kneecap in an upward motion in that order. Reason behind this was to actually make my brain and muscles have a memory of how walking correctly feels like. Basically it’s creating a muscle memory of the correct way of walking.

How Rolfing feels

Rolfing feels really painful in general, but it’s a different kind of pain. You’ll feel a very sharp sensation on very specific areas of your muscles, and usually it’s those deep muscles. I tried to control myself from shouting many times as there was really a sharp pain sensation when he was working on my quadriceps. He knew I was in pain as he could feel that my muscles were really tight, but he needed to align my muscles back so he just continued.

Experience after Session 2

According to Hee Tan, Rolfing actually helps in lengthening the muscles as muscles tend to stiffen up due to overuse and overtraining, causing it to be shorter. After session 2, Hee Tan told me to try walking again, this time I could feel a drastic different in my walking posture. This was what happened:

Hee Tan: Come Sheng Jun, stand up and try walking now.

Me (walks): Wow omg I actually feel taller now!

Hee Tan: Yes, I know right? You look taller as well.

Me (skeptical): Are you serious?!

Hee Tan: Yes, I’m serious! Because Rolfing helps in muscle elongation (lengthening of muscles) therefore with lengthened muscles you’ll naturally stand taller and feel taller.

Me (still skeptical): Dad… Do I really look taller?

Dad: Haha, yes you do!

Me: Whoohoo!!

All in all, session 2 made me feel taller as my muscles have lengthened are stretched out causing me to feel taller and have a sense of well being. And I’m having a better walking posture now due to Hee Tan helping me with the muscle memory of my legs. What I noticed in walking after Rolfing:

1)    I naturally land lighter now

2)    The main muscle group engaged were my gluteus muscles


Session 2 felt great, looking forward to the remaining 8 sessions! And if you’re looking to feel taller and have a sense of well being, remember to try out Rolfing!

On a side note:

Rolfing may be beneficial for sportsmen like me

“Athletes always need help with chronic injuries, muscular strain and overuse. Rolfing supports structural realignment for greater efficiency of movement and more precise movement.” – Dr. Karl Ullis, Olympic Physician

In all honesty, I do feel better in the pool nowadays. It may be Rolfing or just that I’m having a different training regime now training under Coach Gary. But whatever it is, both elements play a part in improving my swims and I feel really light in the pool. It’s an amazing feeling.


If you’re interested in Rolfing as well, feel free to check it out here!

Rolfing Session is $120/hr.

To schedule an appointment, call Hee Tan @8498 5673.


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