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Call me crazy, but I’ve tried many types of treatment, ranging from Massage, Physiotherapy, TCM, supplementation, and none of them could solve my problem. The problem that I have is actually quite an irritating one, it has been affecting my daily life, I’m sure many of my friends know it.

My body feels really lopsided, and I usually try to bend my back left and right in attempt to release the tightness in my body but it’s always there. There’s a pulling sensation on my Scapula as well, whereby I feel that my Rhomboids are actually pulling my Scapula downwards, to put it simple, it’s a really uncomfortable feeling on both my upper and lower back.

Because of this, I have 3 problems:

1)    Unable to maintain a good posture when walking normally.

2)    Sleep is affected a little as it is hard to find a comfortable position to fall asleep in.

3)    I can’t sit still as I fidget continuously due to discomfort in my upper and lower back

Finally after doing some research, I’ve come to know about Rolfing. Rolfing is really well known in the states but not in Singapore, so I thought that it would be good for me to give it a try and share it with my readers my experience at the same time.

How Rolfing works

I know a majority of Singaporeans don’t really know what Rolfing is, just like me initially. So to further explain, Rolfing actually works on the Fascia system in the body.

Fascia (Definition) – Tissues in our body that binds muscles, organs and other soft structures of our body together.

The objective of me going to see a Rolfer is to actually rebalance the structure of my body because it feels really lopsided now. The lopsidedness has affected my sleep and I hope that a Rolfer can help me with my problem.

Rolfing has proven to help release the body from lifelong patterns of tension and bracing, and it will align my body to realign itself.

Breakdown of Rolfing sessions

I went for my first Rolfing session with Hee Tan and he told me that in order to realign my body he would require 10 sessions of Rolfing with me. Here’s the breakdown of my Rolfing sessions:

1st session

General assessment

2nd session

Legs and knees

3rd session

Sides (Torso, Hips, Neck)

4th session

Deeper layer of legs Part I

5th session

Deeper layer of legs Part 2

6th session


7th session

Upper shoulders and Head

8th session

Aligning lower body (legs) to the whole body

9th session

Aligning upper body (rib cage, shoulders, arms, neck) to the whole body

10th session

Final alignment

My first Rolfing session


Photo: Hee Tan giving me a general assessment

The first Rolfing session was just a general assessment; Hee Tan had to do a full body check to see if I had any areas that was tight. Basically all I remembered was “Wah, your body is really tight, how do you survive like this.”

He made me walk for about a minute or so to remind me of my posture and tightness of my body. The reason behind it was that he wanted to see if I could feel any difference in walking after my first Rolfing session. I told him about my problems and he said that he was able to help.

While he was working on me, one thing that amazed me most was that when he was pressing against my tailbone, I could feel a sharp sensation in my Rhomboids. I asked him whether it was normal and he me told me that, “Our whole body is connected, if one part of the body is affected, the whole body would be affected as well.”

The first session was pretty much a general assessment, whereby he assessed the tight areas on my body and worked on it.


After my first session of Rolfing I did notice some significant difference:

1)    I naturally sit with a better posture now, and I fidget less on a chair. Of course it isn’t a miracle session, so I still do fidget a little now, but at least it has gotten better.

2)    Better walking posture with lesser effort

I still do feel that my body is lopsided, but still, there has been significant improvement in just one session, so I’ve made up my mind to complete 10 full Rolfing sessions and hopefully my whole body will be realigned by then.

For my readers, I will keep you updated after every Rolfing session so that we all can learn more about Rolfing 🙂

On a side note

If you’re interested in Rolfing as well, feel free to check it out here!




Rolfing Session is $120/hr.

To schedule an appointment, call Hee Tan @8498 5673.


Photo with my Rolfer Hee Tan

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