Medals aren’t everything, people remember you for who you are


Photo Credits to Adrian Seetho 

Honestly, I was a little reluctant to swim this meet as it was the weekend before school reopens and I already dreaded school, but my first IVP experience was definitely a fruitful one.

Managed to finish with 3 Gold, 1 Silver and 2 Bronzes. Even though last week has been a tiring week for me, I have definitely learnt a lot from my first IVP.

1. Medals aren’t everything, people remember you for who you are

I managed to squeeze out some time before IVP as team captain Andy Leong suggested that it would spur our teammates on if I could share some of my swimming experiences with them before the competition. Advised them a little on relay changeovers and all of them were really appreciative of it. This definitely bonded our team as one as I don’t normally train with them. After the swim meet Andy thanked me for taking time to come down to swim with the team and told me that my advise has helped them improve on their races. This has made me learn that medals aren’t everything. Ultimately, people remember you for who you are as a person and not how many medals you have won for the team. 10 years down the road I’m pretty sure medals will be forgotten, but friendships would last forever.


Photo Credits to Zheng Weiliang  

2. Seeing the happiness in others would make you happy as well

Coming into the 4×100 Medley Relay we were actually seeded 4th place. It would be pretty tough for us to medal in the race but all of us just stayed positive about it. I was really tired before the race as I’ve already raced in 3 events earlier on. What really made me changed my mindset that day was when Andy told me, “Sheng Jun, if we really win this, it would be my first IVP medal, and I’d be really happy.” And at that very moment, all of my soreness and tiredness from the earlier races just disappeared. All that went through my head was to give it my all for the team. Fortunately enough, we all fought hard and won the bronze medal by a touch. I can still remember Andy having a little trouble walking after his race, that really showed how much he really wanted that medal. And to me, that’s the kind of fighting spirit that everyone should learn from.


From left to right: Me, Mryan, Andy and Yang Theng 

Photo Credits: Zheng Weiliang

When we finished 3rd, I could feel a sense of accomplishment and joy coming from Andy. And that made me feel really happy knowing that I’ve contributed to his happiness.

Lastly, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the professional photographers Aunt Janice Goh, Zheng Weiliang and Adrian Seetho for taking so many awesome photos! 🙂 Here are some of the photos they took:


On the starting blocks before 400m Freestyle


Me swimming butterfly


Me swimming backstroke


Before the 400m Freestyle race


After the 100m Butterfly race

2014-01-12 at 17-14-01

NTU Swim Team

Some of my medals won:



Overall, IVP was a great experience. New friendships were made and learnt life lessons from it!






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