Never give up on your goals, no matter how hard it may be

I’m pretty sure every swimmer can relate to this, setting our alarm clocks everyday and making sure that we’ll be able to wake up for training or we’ll have to pay the price of losing out when it comes to competitions. Diving in to the cold pool at 6am everyday and wondering if everything is worth it.

Here’s what I’ve prepared for the year of 2014:


It is important for every person to find something that motivates you. For me, the fear of losing motivates me to wake up every day. I hate to lose, and that keeps me going every training session.
In preparation of the SEA Games, I’ve had extra boxing sessions after Saturday’s swimming training session. Coach Jason from the Singapore Sports School was willing to take his own time off to teach me boxing. Even though everyone called me crazy as I sacrificed my own social life for this, but I know that it would all be worth for SEA Games. Lucky for me I had another teammate, Lim Ching Hwang, who was equally as motivated as me, to join me for my boxing sessions after Saturday morning’s training.


Photo with my teammate Lim Ching Hwang

I’ve had days that I couldn’t get up of bed due to really bad muscle aches from all the gym, but that never stopped me from training as I always believe that a minute of glory triumphs hours of hard work. The happiness earned from victories would last a lifetime.

Be prepared that the road to success wouldn’t be as smooth as you think it is, but never give up as perseverance is the key to success. When you’re about to give up, always remind yourself the reason you started. If I had given up after the loss in 2009 and 2011 SEA Games, I wouldn’t have been able to celebrate my victory from the recent SEA Games, and my swimming career would have ended as an unsuccessful one. The message I’m trying to bring across here is that nothing is impossible. However ‘unachievable’ you think your goals are, as long as you put your heart and soul in it, you’ll achieve it one day.

Of course there would be negative people in your life telling you that you should give up, you should try something else, and maybe you’ll be better at it. But always remember that you’re the master of your fate, and if you like what you do, then learn to shut off what other people say and just continue to go for your goals. Your own future lies in your own hands, not theirs, so live your life with no regrets! I’d rather fail in doing something I like rather than being successful in doing something that I don’t like. Because even if I fail, at least I know that I’ve tried my best. One of my best friends Russell Ong told me that the biggest risk is life, ironically, is to not take one. Life is short, live it your way!

Photo with Russell Ong

So get up, put your feet on the floor, and don’t look back because you’ve got work to do! Start living your dream and you’ll find that you’ll have a more fulfilling life.

Welcome to The Grind!
Just remember, when you’re headed upstream, when you decide to get out of your comfort zone, don’t ever turn back on what’s comfortable because the battle is already half won when you’re heading towards your goals! It will get tougher but trust me it will all be worth it once your goals are accomplished.

Do make sure this is something you want. Because the easy way out will always be there, ready to wash you away, all you have to do is pick up your feet. Remember this is a battle between your heart and your mind, follow your heart and you’ll have no regrets. It may seem impossible at first, but trust me, once your goal is accomplished; all the hard work, body aches and pain will be gone and forgotten.

Never give up on your goals, no matter how hard it may be, because no matter what, you’ll get there one day. 🙂







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